Artist Kousha Younesi Releases New Solo Don’t Cry for Me Anymore

Kousha Younesi, who goes by the stage name Kou$ha, has officially released his new full-length single “Don’t cry For Me Anymore”. This is the fourth solo of the American artist as he set an extraordinary career on a high note. He aims to create success in his new homeland.

Kousha is someone who lives and breathes music. This is truly portrayed in the way of his songs which seeps an easy mix of raw vocal, old school soul and hip hop. The artist is all set to make music that moves people.

One good dose of Kousha’s new single gives you a got to have it now. You are snared and will find yourself singing the chorus of this super song. His performance style is one of raw, heart wrenching emotion while harnessing synth production, R&B expression and pop beats current today. He also encourages everyone to spread the word on his latest single.

As a child, he was inspired by the sacrifices his parents took to provide him with the basics of life and thus he push his limit to show them that it paid off. He says:

“Showing my parents that their sacrifices paid off is one of the biggest inspirations for me.”

Unlike other male vocalists, Kousha stands alone with a true mix of R&B and Hip-Hop. Younesi is in a true league of his own. With a new dimension of synergy and synth, his music has excellent quality, lyrical content and outstanding delivery.  

In this day of hit and run pop singles and big budget videos, Kousha prefers to emphasize music and this is the same reason why he receives constant praise. He captures the attention with a unique blend of unrelenting energy, leaving the listeners yearning for more.

About the Artist

Kousha Youseni came to the United States as an immigrant. Even as a kid, he realized the various sacrifices and difficult roads his parents had to go through just to provide a basic life for them. He is determined to make his parents proud with his brilliant taste of music.

He started making beats on his phone and singing at small events. He started making music on his iPhone until he saved enough money to start a home studio in his room. To him, music is definitely a new game but something that always called for him. With his talent, he aims to create a game of his own so that his parents can retire to homely life.

The artist is looking to make a name for himself and is starting by sharing his music for free on Spotify and major social media platforms. To listen to his latest release, visit:



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