Reveal the Key Specs and Technology of AOSO S3: New Generation of Vacuum Cleaner Released on TikTech

AOSO is a low-key smart cleaner company, which has been committed to the R&D of the latest high-end technology of vacuum cleaning for a long time. This August, AOSO released S3, a TRUE visual SLAM cleaner on TikTech, which is considered as an affordable alternative of Irobot Roomba. AOSO S3 cleaner developed its navigation and cliff detection technology, and also it has more surprises in its alarm system, volume, battery capacity and camera.

Let’s start to know it comprehensively.

The AOSO S3 cleaner package contains the vacuum machine, charging dock, 2 side brushes, sponge filters, remote control, dust bin and adapter. The cleaning device is compact and thinner. In the front of machine, there are bumper, WiFi indicator, power switch, camera and docking button. On the bottom, you can see the anti-drop sensor, battery pack, side brushes, universal wheels, dust bin.

Before using it, user should place the charging dock on a hard, level surface and against a wall. Connect the round connector of the adapter into the power socket on the charging dock and the other end into a wall outlet. When the charging dock connects to AC power, the LED indicator on the charging dock is Lit. The first charge takes about 5 hours. In later use, you have 3 ways of charging to choose, which are direct charging, auto charging and remote control charging. Auto charging means that the device will find its way to the charging dock by itself when the battery is below 10% during working. Remote control way is to press “charging button” in APP to return it to charging dock.

When S3 is turned on, it starts its exclusive navigation and mapping system. Visual SLAM technology helps it to know the cleaning area and plan the refined pathways via 166°wide-angle camera. Thanks to Visual SLAM technology, AOSO S3 can automatically plan refined pathways. The technology is usually used in AI robot field.

There are four smart cleaning modes. The first one is auto mode, cleaning area can be completely covered by planning refined pathway of wall-to-wall movement in auto mode. It will also adjust routes by itself according to the situations.

The second one is spot mode, which making the device intensively cleans a specific area in a spiral pattern. That is useful if there is a concentrated area of dust or debris.

The third mode is edge mode. It cleans in this mode along the wall and around furniture legs to ensure the edge is cleaned thoroughly.

The last one is scheduled mode. It allows you to customize the cleaning time on the APP.

It is absolutely a compact and efficient vacuum cleaner robot for potential office and home use. The EB price presale has been released on and its official social medias., a shopping recommendation platform & discount shop, exclusively launched the New Release for AOSO S3. Do not miss the EB Price under $230 to save a maximum budget for a smart vacuum cleaner and cheap alternative of big brand. And there will be a big chance to win free giveaways if you follow TikTech’s Facebook.

After the new release of AOSO S3 robot cleaner ended this September, AOSO will explore more surprising events on TikTech for their future long-term cooperation.

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