Robbie Elias’ New LGBTQ+ Pop Anthem Is Now Out

Latin pop artist Robbie Elias’ has released his brand new pro-LGBTQ+ anthem called “Can I Be Me” on Spotify for his audience to stream.

The song, obvious from the title, speaks about freedom of expression and dismantling of the generational oppressive system LGBTQ+ people have had to live through, and encourages them as well as strikes a thought with the general audience on the topic of freedom to be their own persons.

People are already obsessed with this song and its streaming quantity has skyrocketed over the time the song has enjoyed being up.

About Robbie Elias:

Robbie Elias is a Latino pop artist. He started his career off as a songwriter and also worked as a background singer. He has worked with big names in the Latin music industry such as Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Daddy Yankee, and Alejandro Sanz as a background vocalist.

However, Elias embodies not a single stereotype that comes with being Latin and making music. His style or music could be described as crisp, and Soulful. As an artist, he has spoken about how he does not feel the need to attest to his ‘latin-ness’ through his music, and that his heritage will always be an integral part of his being despite him not restricting himself to being just Latino in his form of expression.

Robbie Elias identifies best with the genres of soft-pop, soul, and R&B. He started on his own music career back in 2015 with the release of a mixtape called Lies with another artist called RhythmDB. Since then it has been a steady climb upwards. Some of his best tracks that have performed very well with the audience are Ghost of You, Ice Cream, and The One Who Hurt Me to name off the top of the head.

When asked about what his source of inspiration for his own music was, he answered that the need to inspire is where his own source of inspiration delves within. He enjoys the process of making music the most because music has the ability to make people feel something. Music can change the world. Music can break stereotypes. Music can find a way of saying something that would otherwise be difficult for a person to express through regular words. 

“Can I Be Me” is now available on Spotify for the audience to stream. A music video is also scheduled to be coming out shortly. Until then, we patiently wait.

Where Can I Find Robbie Elias?

You can stream Robbie Elias’ music on streaming platforms like Spotify. All his songs, albums, and EPs are available there.

If you are interested in finding out more about Robbie, who he is as a person, what his process of making and coming up with music looks like, you can follow him on his social media handles.

He is on Twitter with the username @robbieelias. He is also on Instagram at @robbieeliasofficial.

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