Eric Zuley Releases “The Influence Effect” Book 1 of 5 in a Series On “Networking Yourself To Success” Celebrating Collaboration Amongst Leaders, Celebrities, And Experts

eZWay Network, created by Eric Zuley, is the Foundation Of Relationship Equity & understanding how everyone working together can create a culmination of Influence. This Collaboration has created a massive reach globally that, to date, is unstoppable.
Eric Zuley Releases

There are 41 Authors included in this Collaboration, and each of them a celebration of success in their own rights. Because of these relationships, Eric has been able to reach the multitudes with messages from so many.

The Influence Effect – by Pattie Godfrey Sadler

Chapter 1 – Trendsetter

Chapter 2 – The eZWay Effect

Chapter 3 – The Wall of Fame

Chapter 4 – James Zuley

Chapter 5 – Dr. Dante Sears

Chapter 6 – Sharon Lechter 

Chapter 7 – Kelly Bennett

Chapter 8 – Frank Shankwitz

Chapter 9 – Shea Vaughn 

Chapter 10 – James Dentley 

Chapter 11 – Sean Douglas Stewart

Chapter 12 – Hanna Horenstein 

Chapter 13 – Gerald L. Kane

Chapter 14 – Reatha Grey

Chapter 15 – Trae Ireland

Chapter 16 – Annie McKnight

Chapter 17 – Nay Nay Kirby

Chapter 18 – Jeff Levine 

Chapter 19 – Amy K Thomson 

Chapter 20 – Holly Porter

Chapter 21 – Billy Moore

Chapter 22 – Dannella Burnett

Chapter 23 – Robert Clancy

Chapter 24 – Kate Linder 

Chapter 25 – Fred Smith

Chapter 26 – Jonny Vegas Namer

Chapter 27 – Theresa Ashby

Chapter 28 – Denise Millett Burkhardt 

Chapter 29 – Brian Smith 

Chapter 30 – Pattie Godfrey Sadler

Chapter 31 – Penny Foskaris

Chapter 32 – John Highland

Chapter 33 – Sophia Alvarez

Chapter 34 – Brenton Tyler Hoffmann

Chapter 35 – Jeffrey Stansfield

Chapter 36 – Ronald Couming 

Chapter 37 – Leisa Reid

Chapter 38 – Sandrena Schumacher

Chapter 39 – Carmelita Pittman

Chapter 40 – Aristotle Karas

Chapter 41 – Heide Dangelo 

Chapter 42 – Leila Colgan 

Chapter 43 – Tony Boldi

Chapter 44 – Brian Willis 

Chapter 45 – Josh Liske 

The book has been dedicated in loving memory to Berny Dohrmann. In the 1980’s Berny took over running his father’s global corporate training firm and transformed the firm to CEO Space International. His recent passing inspired Eric Zuley to remember him for all his amazing achievements in the business world.

Eric Zuley wants to thank his dad, host of Radio Boomers Live, James Zuley, and his sweetheart Heartpreneur Dr. Dante Sears, and especially for all the eZWay Family support. 

You will find all kinds of tidbits, golden nuggets, and stories from these experts to help teach you to create your own “Influence Effect”, The eZWay. 

  • Sharon Lechter, the renowned co-author for Rich Dad, Poor Dad, which sold 30 million copies, is featured in the book for her raving successes as a financial expert.

  • Frank Shankwitz, the creator of Make a Wish Foundation and a celebrity, has a movie about him, called “Wishman.” 

  • Shea Vaughn, a lifestyle pioneer, broadcast network CEO, best-selling author, and nationally recognized wellness authority, shares her story of success to help others build a successful business in the broadcasting world.

  • James Dentley is a gentle giant, teaching straight from his heart. His passionate high energy concepts bring measurable positive results. His relationship with Eric Zuley has brought about his own network television, not to mention the radio talk shows and podcasts that he has already created.

  • Reatha Grey, co-host to Betty White on “Off Their Rockers,” the award-winning show that aired for two seasons on NBC and one season on The Lifetime Channel.

  • Kate Linder, a celebrity spokesperson for the ALS Association and Star recipient on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her performance on the Silver Screen and Daytime Television.

  • Amy Thomson, TV personality and creator of 30 Days to Happiness, not to mention all her other achievements in the world of Think and Grow Rich and Landmark, has a broad audience and expertise in the world of self-development.

  • Holly Porter, an influencer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and international speaker who inspires business breakthroughs and personal transformations, helping the audience and clients everywhere formulate prosperous and sustainable businesses.

  • Billy Moore, President of the ABC Youth Foundation, Son of the legendary boxer Archie Moore

  • Dannella Burnett of the hospitality industry, creator of Encore Elite Events, Robert Clancy, #1 Best Selling Author, and creative visionary.

  • Denise Millett Burkhardt, the President of eZWay Network TV, shares her insight and some nuggets about working with Eric Zuley as well as Publisher Pattie Godfrey Sadler.

  • Brian Smith, known as the founder of UGG Boots or “Mr. UGG,” shares his experience as one of the most influential people in footwear.

  • Penny Foskaris, Wellness Leader and Consultant.

  • John Highland, who has from the stage, sold approximately 20 million in educational and motivational courses, now promoting millions of other speakers and their products and speaks on one of the largest seminar stages in the world.

  • Leila Cogan of Level Up with Leila shares her expertise in connections as she works with Eric in building her show on the eZWay Network TV.

  • Josh Liske, the top producer for Kirby and Sandrena Schumacher, honorary humanitarian, is in the lineup as well.

  • Brian Willis co-founder of Billionaire’s Elite VIP and BETV.TV

  • Tony Boldi, Producer for the eZWay Awards Golden Gala and acting coach to the stars.

  • Carmelita Pitman, the celebrated founder of Rose Breast Cancer Society, actress, and performer.

Also included are Netflix actor
Trae Ireland, Disney, Nickelodeon, and Netflix actress Nay Nay Kirby, and accomplished comedian Annie McKnight. With Hollywood forever changing in a new world of virtual living, these stars are celebrated in the eZWay Family.

A few more successful gurus in the world of finance include Hanna L. Horenstein, Jeff Levine, and Gerald L. Kane. Giving us some ideas on their visions of making a difference in the world as we know it.

Plus, a Lifelong friend of Eric Zuley like Fred Smith

In addition, you will find the story of how God saved Eric Zuley and his father’s lives. 

The audio version of the book will be distributed by BrainTap as well as SONY MUSIC GROUP do to their strategic alliance with IMA MUSIC GROUP.

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