Chef Carlos Brescia reveals the perfect recipe for the success of a restaurant during a pandemic

The Peruvian-born Chef Carlos Brescia known for his famous Ceviches in the United States, has managed to be an example of improvement, dedication, discipline, effort and permanence since his first introduction in gastronomy and now even more so in times of pandemic. According to eight premises located in Kendall, FIU, Miami Lakes, Hallandale, Weston, West Palm B, Pinecrest and Ceviche Power in Doral, where you can taste his wide range of recipes and where each client leaves with a little culture and flavor in them, it can be seen with a naked eye that chef Carlos Brescia is not only willing to change the gastronomic industry worldwide, but he is also willing to promote all those gastronomic entrepreneurs who want to be recognized. Chef Brescia claims to have the mantra of success and is willing to share it with those who want to be successful in the culinary world, like he says: “in unity, there is strength”.

With his success mantra, Chef Brescia has not only managed to position himself and his seven premises operational during the pandemic, but he has also managed to redirect a large number of entrepreneurs who seemed unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The perfect recipe

One of the defining characteristics of Chef Carlos Brescia is to never give up, he continues to support other restaurants that wish to stay afloat; Brescia assures that part of his success has been to constantly reinvent himself. The acclaimed Chef had the idea of making a unit proposal in which he achieved the alliance of several restaurants to offer several of his products and make attractive combos for the consumers, achieving not only the increase in sales of this partnership but also the dynamic, spontaneous and innovative presentation that consumers wanted so much.

Brescia assures that opportunities are everywhere, reason why he tells new chefs and entrepreneurs that: “You lose nothing by trying”, Brescia is a risky man who from a very young age has understood the importance of looking for opportunities, thanks to his creativity and the risks that he has decided to take, his success is a faithful reflection of the importance of fighting for your dreams and the consolidation of goals. Brescia assures that thanks to his tenacity, persistence and repeated attempts he has successfully united strategies and alliances that have promoted his gastronomic emporium over the years, his philosophy of life is that with every new challenge keep in mind that nothing is lost by trying, and on the contrary, much is gained.

Chef Carlos Brescia firmly believes that social networks have become a perfect tool to promote companies, for him it is important that chefs and restaurants have a digital presence, he considers that in these trying times, social networks are taking a decisive role due to the pandemic. By doing so, it generates a substantial engagement and accessibility for the customers.  On the other hand, it is important to note that Brescia highlights that the alliances with influencers and the investment in advertising is imperative, ensuring that it is time to give the digital world the importance it deserves.

The key to success

Carlos Brescia is one of those chefs who is always open to new ideas and willing to reach out to those who are in need, his winning spirit and his example of success have led him to share his work and growth formula to new chefs, entrepreneurs and restaurants to gaining territory in the midst of a “new normal”, which has affected the competitive and commercial vision of many. Brescia, is a faithful believer in the ability of the human being to grow through inspiration, reason why his emporium of seven restaurants lists him as a rising chef who holds the key to success and is willing to promote others.

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