Swift Tech Buy Announces Expansion of Gadgets for Trade-In

Swift Tech Buy Announces Expansion of Gadgets for Trade-In
From trading mobile phones, this company now accepts video game consoles, smartwatches, and laptops

Today, more people find themselves stacking up old or broken gadgets, like mobile phones. This happens especially when tech companies release upgraded devices and people are quick to buy the latest ones out in the market. While other people may repurpose or recycle their gadgets, some may sell it online for some extra cash. Swift Tech Buy, a gadget trade-in platform, helps people trade in their old or broken devices for cash.

“Swift Tech Buy is offering consumers a secure way to trade in their unwanted electronics,” said Ahmed Bagoun, the company’s founder. Bagoun added that they plan to add more devices to the company’s buyback catalog in the next few weeks.

Swift Tech Buy adds videogame consoles, smartwatches, and laptops in the list of devices it accepts for trade-in.

The company accepts phones that are old or damaged. A customer can sell an outdated or broken device by logging on to Swift Tech Buy’s website at http://www.swifttechbuy.com. When logged on to the website, the customer can select the “Sell Device” tab and follow the sequence of steps indicated in the page to start the selling process. If a customer does not see the device on the website, he or she can call the company to ask if the gadget can still be sold.

About Swift Tech Buy

Swift Tech Buy is a company providing gadget trade-in services in the United States. The company offers instant payments, free shipping, and maximum benefits to its customers.

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