UIT Institute is all set to become one of the best e-learning platforms of the modern era with its state-of-the-art Ai-backed technology

UIT Institute is all set to become one of the best e-learning platforms of the modern era with its state-of-the-art Ai-backed technology
UIT Institute is taking online learning one step further, with its unparalleled Learning Management System and Video-on-demand and Instructor-led presentations!

Miami, Florida, USA – UIT Institute is a premium e-learning platform having a distinguished Ai-backed LMS and CRM that offers 1500+ video and instructor-led courses at highly affordable prices. The platform is soon going to be launched in September 2020 when it will open its doors to the public so they can enroll themselves in on-demand high-quality online courses and improve their business skills.

Jorge Reyes Jr., who serves as the CEO and Founder of the UIT Institute’s eCommerce-LMS platform, has created an Ai-backed e-learning portal based on his idea and vision! He went above and beyond and against all odds to bring his inspiration into a reality.

Jorge Reyes Jr., CEO and Founder of UIT Institute

In early 2018, Jorge Reyes Jr., CEO of UIT Institute tried to raise venture capital funding, even met with several angel investors and a couple of hedge funds friends, but the idea failed to impress investors and he was rejected 15 times. Eventually, he decided to bootstrap the development of this amazing eLearning platform. While talking about his venture, he said: “UIT Institute is the global leader in on-demand and Instructor-led certifications. Our world is changing dramatically post COVID-19. Indeed, individuals and institutions are increasingly becoming more and more aware of our changing environment, including the way we shop, do business, and train. This is the reason why the UIT Institute was born. Based on the ongoing crisis and the new challenges faced every day, we were created. We are in the process of launching a solid, easy to navigate eLearning platform with over 1500+ on-demand videos and courses exclusively to help you transition through these unprecedented times. Our online catalog includes Cybersecurity, Forensic Technology, among many other courses, which will facilitate your professional development. We will help you disrupt the unknown in the 21st Century.”

UIT Institute aims to become a part of the growing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) movement available outside the traditional university system, which aims at unlimited participation and open access via the web. The platform specializes in 7 different areas across a breadth of categories: Cybersecurity, IT Networking, Cloud Management, Software Development, Project Management, and Business Skills.

This e-learning platform can be utilized by corporations and business organizations to create custom learning portals for corporate training. The courses consist of several units comprising video lectures with closed captioning, in conjunction with integrated quizzes to help students understand concepts and reinforce ideas, as well as follow-up homework, which promotes a “learn by doing” model. The management of the UIT Institute believes in ‘open enrollment’ philosophy which allows the students to get registered in multiple courses and learn at their own pace.

About the Company:

UIT Institute “UITI”, the global leader in on-demand and instructor-led certification platform, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their new e-learning website this month. The e-learning portal is bustling with 1500+ tech and professional courses at the best-discounted rates.

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