isoSpine earned 220,000 USD in sales at Kickstarter in the U.S.

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isoSpine is a product that stimulates the core muscles of the spine with 40 chiropractic bumps. The product is designed to allow spinal movement by attaching a rolling pad. It is suitable for consumers who are burdened with massage chairs due to its small size and reasonable cost. Most of the areas where the cylindrical foam rollers touch the body are flat. Unlike ordinary form rollers, the product is designed to fit perfectly on all types of vertebrae by using the bottom-to-top development process to maximize the effectiveness. It also has pins that match the trigger points.

The curving design of isoSpine has imitated the natural curve of the spine. Therefore, this product supports the waist perfectly and straighten the back properly to relax the muscles in the back. The product is designed to maintain the normal angel of the human lumbar spine (45 degrees), restoring the natural curves of the back.

isoSpine is designed to fit your body regardless of body type.

Unlike other bulky products, isoSpine is compact enough to be easily stored at home.

An official of isoLife said that we know that professional spine orthodontic treatment processes are beneficial and effective, but these treatments can be costly in terms of money and time. In this regard, we are convinced that isoSpine can be a good alternative to professional spin orthodontic treatment.

Meanwhile, isoLife is introducing its products to new countries such as the U.S. and Japan, including isoNeck, which is newly launched, and isoSpine, and the company is now striving to make isoNeck and isoSpine into world-class products.

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