Application Of GPS Technology In The Field Of Construction Machinery Financing Lease

GPS technology is a real-time dynamic positioning system based on carrier phase observation. Its fast and high

The advantage of efficiency is that traditional surveying and mapping instruments cannot be compared. The GPS telemetry methods commonly used in the past, such as static, dynamic and fast dynamic telemetry, require settlement after telemetry to obtain centimeter-level accuracy data. Now GPS technology can directly achieve Obtain centimeter-level accuracy data in the field in real time. Therefore, GPS technology can be described as a milestone for GPS surveying and mapping applications. GPS telemetry is also called real-time dynamic telemetry. It uses the technology of dynamic real-time difference of carrier phase to provide centimeter-level accurate results of three-dimensional positioning of the station in the coordinate system in real time. The telemetry is mainly to specifically monitor the detailed geographic location of the leased item, as well as the specific working status and workload of the equipment, and can make detailed adjustments to the equipment of the leased item.

1 The basic principle of GPS technology in the field of construction machinery financial leasing The high precision of GPS requires the use of carrier phase observations, and the full name of GPS technology is Real Time Kinemati e, that is, the carrier phase dynamic real-time differential positioning technology. GPS with high precision must be adopted Carrier phase observation value. In GPS working mode, the reference station can transmit the observation data and three-dimensional coordinate information to the rover through the data link, and the initialized rover receives the number of reference stations

At the same time as the data, it is also collecting GPS observation data, and establishing differential observation values in the system for processing, and then through coordinate conversion and projection correction, real-time positioning results with centimeter-level accuracy can be obtained.

The use of GPS telemetry function can effectively grasp the detailed geographic location of rented items,

In this way, relevant staff are dispatched to the vicinity of the leased items, and then remotely shut down through the remote control function, so as to obtain the ownership of the leased items and ultimately protect the interests of the leased personnel.

1.1 GPS technology provides value-added services for construction machinery financial leasing

Under common terrain and topography, generally a high-quality GPS station can complete the nearby 4km at one time

The telemetering work within the radius greatly reduces the number of control points and the number of instrument handling required for traditional completion telemetering, and only one telemetering person is required to work. In the general electromagnetic environment, it takes only a few seconds to obtain a point of coordinates. The speed of telemetry is very large, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of telemetry, thereby saving time and improving the efficiency of telemetry. The telemetry data is accurate and reliable. The plane accuracy and elevation accuracy of GPS telemetry within the effective distance (usually 4km) can be accurate to the centimeter level, and there is no error accumulation in GPS telemetry. Through the above-mentioned GPS telemetry function, the lessee can effectively obtain the specific working status of the leased items, including the location of the equipment, the required fuel consumption and the specific time of work, etc., so as to effectively supervise the driver and reduce the lease People manage the cost of the driver. The use of GPS telemetry function can also facilitate the renter to effectively control the misoperation of the leased items, thereby preventing the loss of the renter due to the driver’s misoperation. With the GPS telemetry function, the renter can timely and effectively transmit the working conditions of the rented equipment to the manufacturer, so that it is convenient for the manufacturer to perform regular maintenance on the rented equipment and extend the service life.

Since GPS telemetry technology does not require optical visibility between two points, only electromagnetic waves. Therefore, compared with traditional completed telemetry instruments and methods, GPS telemetry technology has less requirements for external factors telemetry conditions, and interference factors such as visibility conditions, climate, and seasons will basically not affect GPS telemetry. This also increases the value of the lessee under certain conditions, so that the lessee can use the equipment safely and comfortably.

1.2 Main aspects of GPS technology’s contribution to construction machinery financial leasing

Market demand determines the development of technology. The demand for GPS in the field of construction machinery has

The security considerations of financial leasing began to extend to all corners of the application field of construction machinery, based on

The remote monitoring platform of GPRS and GSM data transmission mode uses global satellite positioning technology (GPS), wireless communication technology (GPRS), database technology and other information technologies to implement data collection on the geographic location, movement information, working status and construction progress of construction machinery, Data analysis, remote monitoring, fault diagnosis and technical support. Through the construction machinery monitoring system, a real-time dynamic information file of construction machinery has been established, which has improved the enterprise’s after-sales service level, strengthened the management and control of construction machinery, and provided quantitative science for customers to manage machinery scientifically and improve use efficiency. Basis, it has become a new growth point of the company’s interests and a reference point for customer procurement. GPS wireless data transmission terminal products integrate long-distance wireless communication and GPS positioning functions, and support wireless video monitoring and dynamic image transmission. This product can be installed on construction machinery or mobile equipment. Based on the operator’s network, it provides location monitoring and management services for machinery and equipment. Based on this, it can expand the development of basic positioning functions such as location query, dispatch management, and map operation. Value-added functions based on specific industry applications.

1.3 GPS technology provides for the trading of second-hand equipment

Strong evaluation basis For the current financial leasing business, the construction of a scientific and reasonable second-hand equipment trading market is an important part of the current construction machinery financial leasing field. If there is no second-hand equipment trading market that reasonably abides by the rules, financial leasing cannot be realized. Healthy and sustainable business development. However, an important factor in the current trading of second-hand equipment is scientific and reasonable evaluation of second-hand equipment. On the one hand, GPS can effectively record the history, specific working hours and workload of the equipment, and establish maintenance files, so as to ensure that manufacturers can provide good services to the equipment they rent. In addition, it can also accurately and accurately record the specific work history of the equipment. The description will provide an effective and correct basis for the scientific pricing and evaluation of the leased equipment in the second-hand market to ensure the healthy and reasonable construction of the second-hand equipment trading market for construction machinery financial leasing.

1.4 GPS technology provides effective technical support for the innovation of construction machinery financing lease mode

With the development of economy and the continuous progress of society, the competition in the domestic financial leasing market continues to intensify, which requires strengthening the effective innovation of construction machinery financial leasing models. In the future financial leasing model, it is necessary to meet the operating requirements of the lessor, so as to realize the cash flow and matching between it and the lessee, so that the lessee can adopt more flexible and diverse lease repayment methods. However, the current cash flow of the lessee is closely related to the specific workload of the leased equipment. In view of this situation, it is necessary to adopt a more flexible and effective method to determine the repayment amount that the lessee needs to pay based on the specific workload of the equipment. In view of the above, a scientific and reasonable understanding and grasp of the specific workload of the leased equipment is the main prerequisite and basic condition for determining the repayment method of the lessee at present, and it also fully demonstrates the role of GPS, which is an important part of the construction machinery financing lease model. Innovation provides effective technical support. Of course, in daily telemetry work, telemetry personnel should practice repeatedly to master the characteristics of GPS models, such as whether it can reach the nominal accuracy, whether it can meet the quality requirements of telemetry, whether it can reach the nominal operating radius, etc. It can quickly adjust the instrument, reduce instrument error and improve telemetry efficiency. In order to facilitate the reception of data link information and satellite signals, the control point should be selected as high as possible. In order to facilitate the quality control of GPS measurement data, control points should be added where the environment and terrain cannot meet the measurement requirements, so as to avoid blind spots during GPS measurement operations.

2 Conclusion

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the accuracy of GPS telemetry function is relatively high, and the error is relatively high.

Uniformity is a very ideal telemetry instrument, which can effectively increase the added value of construction machinery financing leasers, provide strong technical support for its model innovation, and provide an evaluation basis for second-hand equipment transactions. However, some shortcomings and shortcomings have been found in actual application. For example, problems such as ionospheric interference and satellite signals will affect the telemetry work. Therefore, scientific research personnel are required to tackle technical difficulties to make this technology more perfect for my country’s construction machinery. Financial leasing work services.

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