The Color World Online Concert Turns Into Part of Music History And Signal The Debut of The Color World App

At 8 pm Beijing time on September 10th (9 pm Eastern time on September 9th), Color Star Technology (Nasdaq: HHT) broadcast the Color World Online Concert to audiences around the globe via its official platform “Color World”. More than ten international celebrities including Grammy-winning jazz guitarist Larry Carlton, “Pop Music Queen” Na Ying from mainland China, Hong Kong’s legendary singer George Lam, globally-renown pianist Wu Muye, R&B singer-songwriter Ashanti, among others, presented a music feast with remarkable international flavors. Combining showcase performances with proprietary tech tools, the event was equally memorable for moving vocals and masterful instrumentals as well as its sheer technological reach.

And while the performers took center stage, investors saw yet another emergence of the future’s Star Economy.

While this was a one-night spectacle, the organizer’s focus on a large viewership shaped months of planning and a unique approach to online concert promotions. Prices were initially set very low with additional opportunities for purchasers to take part in the distribution of ticket sales in order to receive referral rewards. This indirect ticket sales model, and a large amount of resulting passive income, promises more diversified marketing strategies for online music.

In many ways, the grassroots approach to generating sales—among friends, seen as sharing an inside scoop on a discount and a throwback to the lure of “secret shows” — became a way for the community to take an active part in the event.

Beyond outreach-driven sales, Color Star Technology took inspiration from previous eclectic music festivals, knowing that a broad audience is best gathered by collecting a variety of stars. From there, the concert empowered the performers to present their own slice of music as well as welcoming them to reach out to those unfamiliar with their work.  Na Ying, seen as the queen of mainland Chinese singers, performed her song “Dream” in Chinese and English. She also sang “Just a Dream”

The legendary Hong Kong singer George Lam, looking a vibrant 72 years-young, donned a cowboy costume for his three songs: “A Man should be Self-reliant”, “Digital Life”, and “the Unicorn Song”.

Alongside singing, the evening included piano and modern dance. The internationally-renowned pianist Wu Muye affectionately interwove classic pieces from Liszt, Chopin, and his own creation of “Fate”.

Self-expression became a theme beyond the music as many artists saluted long-time fans and personal musical roots via visuals. R&B singer Ashanti commissioned a stage and wardrobe specifically for the performance. Some of this imagery was teased in promotional pictures and videos on her social media platform leading up to the show.

With that, the lineup provided a consistent message throughout the evening, that music is the common language of all mankind and that even during a very trying year in our history, music can bring together millions for a moment of peace and hope.

According to statistics,  more than 500,000 people purchased the Color World Online Concert. Social media and other networks stretched out to more than 10 million people! A universal online broadcast synced to this scale brought the business world’s attention to Color Star Technology as a company itself. Already publicly listed in the United States stock markets, what becomes exceptional to traders is that Color Star isn’t only in the business of online concert promotions, it’s a technology-driven company set to break past the boundaries between celebrity entertainment and online knowledge-sharing.

The company’s CEO Biao (Luke) Lu recapped, “The Color World Online Concert is just a way to let more people know who we are, to introduce them to our entertainment culture sharing platform the ‘Color World’ app. In the future, in addition to online concerts, we will also present more highlights from related fields such as celebrity management, entertainment courses, cultural projects, and industry trends. We plan to cast a larger and larger spotlight. And at each step of the way we look forward to the increased attention.”

On its signature platform, Color World, international artists and celebrities have been assembled to produce content that extends beyond a show and more so a variety of courses. Many industry leaders have transitioned from celebrities to celebrity tutors—with the service granting fans access built around mentorship, not just viewership. The courses include music and instruments, film and television, traditional and modern art, and sports, etc.

Through the app, developed by its subsidiary Color China, Color World is targeting an international market, having already covered more than 30 cities in 5 countries. With the continuous expansion and enrichment of the celebrity tutor library, the platform looks to become an integral part of the lifestyle and culture of its community—notably at its core is the self-improvement phenomenon that rose out of pandemic lockdowns. And as the global economy continues to trend upward as it clears the hurdles found in 2020, Color Star Technologies finds itself in step with users that want to connect with others, particularly those they look up to, while never leaving the comfort and peace of mind found at home.

Color Star Technology Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq CM: HHT)

Color World App (China) Officially Launched on September 10, 2020



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