Save Money On Online Purchases With Wispri

Wispri helps you save by alerting you when a product you want drops to your desired price

Wispri allows online shoppers to choose a price for their favourite product and alerts them when the price drops. This price monitoring engine uses web crawlers to monitor and report price changes on your favourite shopping sites. Wispri aims to help shoppers save money by spending what they want on products they like.

Wispri uses machine learning to monitor a product and send you an alert when it drops to a price you like. All you need to do is set up an account, enter the product URL and set a price. Wispri saves you the effort of constantly checking for discounts and sales. The engine watches your product like a hawk, so you can just sit back and wait for the price to drop.

“In e-commerce price changes happen very often – sometimes over a couple of hours,” says Wispri founder Abhiram Sampath. “If you’re not in the right place at just the right time, you will miss the deal. Wispri works just like the stock market – you only spend money when you are happy with the price.” 

Wispri makes finding sales and discounts easy so customers can enjoy a stress-free shopping experience. The engine works on all e-commerce sites, allowing shoppers to find great deals on their loved sites. There is also a Wispri Chrome extension, which makes saving alerts effortless. Wispri notifies users about price drops via email or SMS, so they know about a discount immediately.

With Wispri, you no longer have to hunt for good deals. Simply add your product to the watch list and the good deals will come to you in form of a price drop alert. At Wispri, your wish is your price.

About Wispri

Wispri is an online price monitoring engine that uses web crawlers to monitor and report price changes on different websites. The founder, Abhiram Sampath, has gained over 16 years of experience as a software engineer for Yahoo, LandmarkGroup and Net Starter. With Wispri, customers can find a product they like, set a desired price and receive an alert when the price drops. Wispri believes everything has a price, and they want to give shoppers control over that price.


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