Cadillac Muzik Releases New Single ‘Digital Upload’

San Antonio, Texas, USA – When it comes to fun music that is funky fresh, then Cadillac Muzik fits the bill perfectly. I just listened to three songs of his on Spotify, and I find that they are a welcome break in my musical routine. San Antonio music or Texas music doesn’t necessarily have a sound. This kind of music sounds like a nouveax “Outkast.” One could almost picture “I’m Sorry Miss Jackson” coming next on the playlist. You get a bit of rap, some vocals, and some interludes of machine and music. The artist is not afraid to put self-expresson over harmonies. This makes the music interesting to listen to.

One of the new singles “Digital Upload” starts with digital noise instead of actual music. Then there is a kind of bubbling. It all is a fitting prelude to Cadillac Muzik saying that his thoughts are merged with machines.

It’s all about how technology is really taking over, and it is appropriate in the digital age. It is even more prudent of a lesson for many because people are sitting at home still with nothing more than computers to keep them company. This merging of the machine and mind sounds plausible and timely.

The other songs by Cadillac Muzik are just as unique. The song entitled “Friends” says everything that we want to say about friendship, but no one really has had the guts to say it by now. The song talks of fair-weather friends and how they can be there for you and also not there. They are there when you have money and they need to use you, but it’s the only constant.

It may seem that the songs are a little bleak, but they are refreshing and uplifting. We want to hear critiques on society and not the same old lines. There needs to be some fresh lyrical themes and then some experiments with sound. If a person has too much though, they risk losing the audience just like RadioHead did so long ago.

Cadillac Muzik is right on the mark though when it comes to music that is easy to listen to. You will find that you get a quality of production with the songs and an itch to hear more. These 2020 releases will likely not be the first that come from Cadillac Muzik. He is a rising star and will certainly be big on the scene later.

Right now, as an audience we can enjoy growing with the new artist. We can hear some fresh music and realize that we are on the verge of someone who will continually strive to create something new.

All in all, you will find that you can get by with what you have out for now though by putting it on repeat. You are bound to hear gems in the lyrics each time that you listen. Eventually, you will find yourself singing along because you have finally mastered the lyrics.

Who is Cadillac Muzik?

Beseja “CaddyMack” Moses and Scott Campbell aka “DaddyDvill” are cousins that started heavily getting involved with music as kids.  It went from popping and sliding in talent shows, free styling in circles, and banging on tables in school, to becoming actual recording artists & producers.  They started their producing/songwriting careers in early 2003 rapping & writing music as teenagers with their cousins BigBody (Keith F), B-Snow (Richard P), HollyWood (EJ), & G (Garland W) in a native San Antonio rap group known as the Texas Hardknocks or THK. In 2010, the duo decided to hook up with another producer/songwriter James Howard aka “J-Marz” to merge styles and form their own band aside of THK called Cadillac Muzik.  

Album Link: ‘Digital Upload’

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