KOCH SYSTEME CS – The Art of Cooking for Granite Stone Earth Frying Pan

In 1829, Carl Shmidt Sohn (CSS) and KOCH SYSTEM was founded together in Solingen, Germany, the “City of Blades”, where has generated a lot of classical cutlery manufacturers. The brand is devoted to provide customers with quality kitchenware to persuade a better cooking lifestyle.

Starting from the 1980s, KOCH SYSTEME CS has been working on healthy culinary arts. Seeking breakthrough and making innovation is an everlasting goal for the brand. Recently, they promoted two new series of frying pans, which the material is made by granite stone earth/ceramic coating.

Sticky & scratchy surface, slow heat transfer are always the drawbacks, which the users are unwilling to experience. To tackle with these problems, KOCH SYSTEM has launched a number of revolution for product production.

The first breakthrough will be the new granite stone earth coating. This series contains three different choices of colours, which includes red, grey and black. This coating can achieve a perfect non-stick effect, and the interior aluminum alloy layer will ensure the frying pan to have a non-scratch layer. As a result, the product lifecycle becomes durable. At the same time, the materials of the frying pan are 100% free of APEO, PFOA, NMP and NEP. It is very environmental-friendly and that customers can enjoy a healthy lifestyle for a long time.

While the ceramic coating series provides two different colours for selection, which are orange and pink. The outstanding ceramic and titanium interior also have a non-stick and scratch resistant surface, which turns out that the surface becomes oil impermeable. Then the customers will feel easy to wipe the product before washing it. Those features utilize the durability and cooking performance of the pans.

At the same time, all of the products of KOCH SYSTEM CS are always customer-oriented. The brand strives to create a better cooking quality of life for the customers. Each frying is made by five level of layers, which highly guarantee an instant thermal induction and the non-scratch feature simultaneously.

Furthermore, having a healthy diet becomes a habit for the public. The brand is glad to share with all customers that only a little bit of oil will be needed during the cooking. And surprisingly that this movement will not affect the quality of the gourmet. After having the meal, a soft sponge is the only thing the customers need to use for the cleaning, which is easy and greatly time-saving. To bear in mind that a steel ball is not recommended to be used for cleaning. It will only destroy the pan.

It is always important for the customers to hold the handle comfortably.

Its ergonomic handle ensures all the customers can easily grasp the pan with no pressure, which helps them master the cooking confidently.

If consumers are interested in these series of frying pan, CSS suggests that can keep track on the Amazon official store as a reliable shopping recommendation and deal platform for big deals and coupons. Let’s make the great meal together!

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