Family Law, Probate, and Real Estate Law are Fields that Require Experience and Knowledge

While these fields of law do all have Federal guidelines, there are also State and even local guidelines which might exist.  If seeking an attorney in Massachusetts for this type of work in and around the Dedham area, who also serves, the GBA (Greater Boston Area), Attorney Alan J. Pransky is there to address these particular legal issues.  With over thirty years of experience Attorney Pransky is devoted to his clients and keeps his practice focused entirely on the clients he serves.   He treats each case as uniquely as it is and is always willing to go above and beyond what is necessary.

Family law, probate, and real estate laws can vary in the Boston area.

There are fourteen divisions of family court and probate law within the Boston area.  These divisions range all the way from abuse complaints, to child custody, the division of property, and probate issues with wills and estates.  No two cases are ever alike in these civil issues and most can be settled by a good attorney who is knowledgeable quite quickly and efficiently.  Of course, someone can represent themselves, but this usually leads to a mishandling of the issue and undo stress as well as delays in completion of the case or issue. 

Real estate laws are also something that takes a wide range of knowledge and experience in the GBA.

Although many buyers and sellers attempt to purchase or sell a property on their own, problems can arise when even the smallest detail is missed.  This can lead a sale or purchase to “fall through” unnecessarily and cost time and money for either the buyer or seller or even both.  Whether commercial, residential, or even condominium purchases and sales, Massachusetts has specific laws that govern the rules of procedure, filing of deeds, and even deadlines for timely filings of all paperwork.  Even simple wills, if not done correctly can be problematic for family members once someone is deceased.  Trusts of course, should always be set up by an experienced attorney like Alan J. Pransky, as trusts do have specific requirements that will ensure they are done most efficiently. 

All trusts are not alike, and specific factors come into play.

There are revocable trusts, and irrevocable trusts.  There are living trusts and testamentary trusts.  The combination can be used of both, but a client needs facts and guidance.  Revocable trusts can be changed at any time, while irrevocable ones cannot.  Living trusts are set up while a client is alive and testamentary trusts after death.  All trusts can be part of any will.  All do however, benefit from the advice of an attorney before setting any up.  Like with any type of family law, real estate law, or probate law, wills and trusts need to be done with a great deal of attention to detail and must follow all filing procedures completely.  There is no reason for individuals to try and represent themselves in any type of family law, or when settling real estate, wills, trusts, or other civil and even criminal matters.  Attorneys like Alan Pransky and ready to assist.

About Attorney Alan J. Pransky

Attorney Alan J. Pransky practices out of Dedham, MA, and serves the Greater Boston Area for family law, real estate law, wills, probates and estates.  He is also willing to take on criminal cases if needed.  He has many awards and certifications and has been in practice over 30 years.  Virtual consultations are also offered because of the Covid-19 restrictions now.  Other resources are also listed. 

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