6 Great Companies for Remote Editing Work

Remote editing jobs are great for those with an academic background or marketing experience who want to make an income using skills they already have. There are many different niches for editing: college application essays, research papers, book manuscripts, business documents, medical reports – the list goes on. Here are six great companies for finding remote editing work.

1. Wordvice Editing Service

A fast-growing international editing firm, Wordvice hires freelance editors from all around the world. Wordvice editors are highly qualified and experienced professionals who edit a variety of manuscripts, including scientific journal submissions, admissions essays, business documents, and university assignments. Editors receive a steady inflow of work depending on client feedback and QA scores: positive feedback = more work.

The basic requirements for applying to be a Wordvice editor is an accredited bachelor’s degree from an English-speaking country and familiarity with MS Word.

Applicants with a graduate degree and/or previous editing experience are preferred. However, the most important part of an editor application is the sample test. A sample test score is enough to qualify or disqualify an applicant – regardless of experience and level of education.

All editor candidates are hand-screened by a team of recruiters and can expect to hear back from Wordvice within a few weeks after uploading the sample test.

Click to apply to be a Wordvice freelance editor.

2. Fiverr

More entrepreneurial-minded may prefer selling their services on an online platform like Fiverr rather than working for an established company. Fiverr is attractive to many freelance editors because although it does charge a small fee for its services, the editor still gets the majority of what the client is willing to pay. This is not the case for editors who receive work from a specific company.

However, because Fiverr is oversaturated with freelancers in every field (including editing), it is difficult to gain exposure and receive orders without an already-established clientele.

3. Upwork

Similar to Fiverr, Upwork is a site where freelancers can create profiles and receive orders directly from clients. The general consensus is that Upwork is better for larger projects or high-paying, long-term clients, whereas Fiverr is better for smaller, repeatable projects. In other words, Upwork is “low volume, big size,” and Fiverr is “high volume, small size.”

As is the case with Fiverr, Upwork charges a fee for its services. However, the editor still gets the majority of what the client is willing to pay.

For editors who want to build their own businesses, it may be a good idea to have profiles on both Fiverr and Upwork to maximize their exposure to potential clients.

4. FlexJobs.com

FlexJobs hosts remote and flexible job postings from a wide range of companies. Unlike some other job posting sites, FlexJobs charges a membership fee. This is because its research team spends over one hundred combined hours per day hand-screening companies and job postings to ensure legitimacy.

Only FlexJobs members can see full job postings. However, the resources that are posted on the company blog are free to read and can provide useful insights into finding a work-from-home job.

A FlexJobs membership comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Dissatisfied members can cancel their subscriptions and request a refund within thirty days. Those who are looking to apply for editing positions at many different companies may find a FlexJobs subscription to be a worthy investment.

5. We Work Remotely

Another job posting site with a high volume of listings, We Work Remotely is another good place to apply for remote editing positions. It costs employers a fixed $299 to post on We Work Remotely, but prospective employees can see full job postings and apply for free.

Virtually all editing jobs posted on We Work Remotely are related to sales/marketing and require applicants to have a few years of relevant editing or writing experience. These postings are best for experienced technical or content marketing editors who are seeking remote work.

We Work Remotely comes with the added benefit of not requiring users to sign in. Clicking on a job link takes the user straight to an online application. 

6. Remote.co

Like We Work Remotely, Remote.co posts remote jobs from companies all around the world. It is also free for applicants, although employers must pay $179 to post a job opening.

Remote.co posts a wide variety of editing jobs ranging from entry-level to management positions. This site is a great place to start the job-hunting process.

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