Tynisa Merkerson’s New Book Addresses Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Tynisa Merkerson’s New Book Addresses Overcoming Life’s Challenges

Like love, pain is universal, and it is valid and real. – Tynisa Merkerson
Author Tynisa Merkerson releases her brand new book, “Get over it, you’re not the only one?: Overcoming life’s challenges”.

A cruel sentence, one year after her beloved mother’s passing, inspired her story. In response to her anguish, she was then instructed to “Get over it, you’re not the only one.” Devastated, Ms. Merkerson found the inspiration to empower and develop a reliable set of healing strategies, understanding that anguish is universal and distinctly valid. Find comfort, support, and compassion locked within each carefully constructed page helping readers overcome their most profound emotional injuries, and letting them know they’re never alone.

“Get over it, you’re not the only one?: Overcoming life’s challenges” will motivate and inspire individuals struggling with loss or pain, to elevate their healing. Ms. Merkerson’s progressive plan of action communicates an understanding of the reader’s traumas. The driving message recognizes that restoring ourselves is valid and unique to every reader. Find solace in these pages through Ms. Merkerson’s successful restorative strategies.

The book empowers readers to work toward helping one another understand the source of their torment and create steps to heal. The captivating story guides the reader not only to aid themselves during these times of unmeasurable hurt but to learn from their own experiences and use them as a tool for growth. Ms. Merkerson’s teachings pave the way for her process of taking on intense personal tragedy and healing. This book is a companion guide and roadmap to discovery and wellness.

The book’s inspiration was born out of Ms. Merkerson’s most profound loss in life. Readers can explore the root of the pain and move toward healing in a positive and supportive environment. An individual’s guide to overcoming the difficulties of traditional approaches to addressing distress, with compassionate consideration for the path to recovery through self-discovery.

As an author, Tynisa Merkerson is committed to helping others. She is a powerful advocate for internal reflection, believing that true transformations develop from within. Ms. Merkerson advises readers to grow with the story, keeping a pen and journal nearby to help in discovering their best selves throughout the journey.

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, spend the night with a mosquito.” – African Proverb

Words have weight. Through this tragic and impactful personal experience, author Tynisa Merkerson’s goal is to support the reader by navigating through grief and recovery. Having worked through her agony and mourning, she realized that many people can’t recover alone and that even the closest supporters may not know how to best assist those recovering when they need help most.

“Like love, pain is universal, and it is valid and real.” – Tynisa Merkerson

Ms. Merkerson’s consideration toward compassionate healing explores the hypocrisy of the so-called “traditional methods of responding” where responses can have unintended results that rip at fresh wounds. Pain is something every person encounters. Readers can find comfort and relief in dealing with agony, learning to share experiences so others too may recover, and being told to “get over it” is never the answer.

Validation is paramount throughout this story and developmental self-help guide. Readers can discover the source of their trials, the best course of action to heal, and find validation in their feelings and process. With the powerful guidance of Ms. Merkerson’s book, readers will find they are not alone, and that their feelings are real and important.

Ms. Merkerson’s book is online at tynisamerkerson.com, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon. For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release, please visit tynisamerkerson.com

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