Dreame has launched the Writing Academy Competition to Boost Writers’ Career Development with a Cash Prize of 100,000 USD

This July, Dreame has launched the Dreame Writing Academy Competition. This competition not only provides a 100,000 USD grand prize, but also invites Tier-1 journalists as honored guests and famous editors as guest tutors.

Since July 15th, this competition has received more than eight thousand submissions; More than sixty thousand writing enthusiasts and self-publishing authors have signed up for the competition. As a cultivating competition, the Dreame Writing Academy Competition hopes to help them develop online writing as a career.


A Cultivating Competition

During the competition, Dreame prepares a series of creative writing courses for every entrant. The courses cover the primary stages of creating fiction. From finding writing sparks to designing synopses, these contents will help beginners start their writing careers properly.

On September 17th, there was a guest tutor in the Dreame Writing Course. Maria Kuiejor Garces, an experienced editor, gave a class called The Basics of Writing a Best-selling Story. Most of her projects were included in the bestseller list and sold more than three hundred thousand copies worldwide in her career. In the class, she talked about the essential elements of a bestselling story and shared her unique writing and publishing insights.

The Potential Career Path on Dreame

In the past few years, Dreame has achieved one hundred million users. Now, more than one hundred thousand authors create and write their stories through Dreame. The sizeable readership contributes authors to reach more readers. Also, the genres of Dreame stories have been segmented into detailed categories. When authors upload their stories, they will attract target readers, even fellow fans, easily.

A mature platform needs to design a sustainable future for its authors. At Dreame, writers can benefit from the remuneration, and enjoy editorial supports.

For exclusively signed stories, authors can make money from revenue share and gain additional incomes from the extra bonus. There will be rewards for signing a story, completing a story, and updating a story frequently. Besides, every writer has the opportunity to earn a stable monthly income with writing at home due to the Full-time Writer program at Dreame.

Moreover, Dreame has built up an editorial group. Dreame authors will have one-to-one responsible editors who help them to improve and promote their stories.

STARY and Dreame

Dreame is a flagship sub-brand of STARY. With the effort in the past few years, Dreame has become one of the world’s largest multilingual platform for online original stories. After releasing it in Indonesia, the Dreame APP has ranked first place in the Indonesian APP store. Not only in Indonesia, but Dreame stories are also read and loved by readers in more than one hundred countries.

Dreame always has the willingness to build a professional writing platform that offers writers the most comprehensive benefits and development opportunities. To boost novice writers’ growth and provide writers with opportunities for further career development, this is the Dreame Writing Academy Competition’s original intention.

The Dreame Writing Academy Competition is calling for submissions until January 14th, 2021.

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