Innovative Video Tool Gives Educators A Time-Saving Edge as Virtual Classrooms Become the Norm

Woking, UK – 17 September, 2020 – Remote learning is the new standard; presenting challenges to educators forced to quickly reinvent the way they teach. A new software tool, called Narakeet, helps teachers build lecture videos in minutes instead of hours. The launch is scheduled for October 1st 2020.

Narakeet helps educators turn PowerPoint slides to narrated videos. Easily. It was created for a global audience and supports 20 languages and counting. In brief, it uses artificial intelligence to create life-like narration from speaker notes. Users can edit video as simply as they would edit text, saving hours by not having to record and re-record audio, synchronise picture with sound and transcribe subtitles.

“C’est magique!” wrote Laurence Haquet reviewing the beta version for Anglais-Académie de Normandie. In a new normal, that seems to be just what the doctor – or in this case, teacher – ordered. With education restarting and lockdowns still in force around the world, many schools will have to organise a mix of in-person and remote lessons, and videos are essential for online learning.

One NCTQ study found that teachers can afford to spend, on average, about 45 minutes a day planning lessons. When factored into the teaching day, any time saved on tedious tasks like video editing can be a blessing. In fact, since Narakeet beta testing began in April (under the code-name Video Puppet), the time-saving potential has proven significant with users building more than 100,000 videos.

“Rather than having to do that recording and editing, I loaded it and got the final video in under three minutes. Just recording and editing the audio would have taken me at least three hours,” said Dr. Ronny Richardson from Kennesaw State University, one of the beta test participants.

“Teachers are up against it. They need to quickly pivot to an online classroom and develop tools that keep students interested, but very few have the means or the time required to record engaging videos. Teachers are expected to be a mix of educators, voice actors and video editing experts, and have professional recording equipment in a sound-proof room in their home. That’s just not realistic. We developed a tool for teachers to create great content, and to do it quickly, so they can concentrate on their most essential role,” said Gojko Adzic, founder of Narakeet.

Adzic is an award-winning author and previously co-founded MindMup, a collaboration tool used by millions of schoolchildren worldwide to visualise ideas. His software development prowess has earned honours like Amazon’s AWS Serverless Hero, the European Software Testing Outstanding Achievement Award, and the Most Influential Agile Testing Professional Award. His book, Specification by Example, won a Jolt Award for best book.

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