Amazon Best Seller ‘Becoming Annie, The Biography of a Curious Woman’, by Dawn Bates Shatters the Glass Ceiling Amidst Stellar Praise

Becoming Annie, The Biography of a Curious Woman by Dawn Bates, launched internationally on August 1, 2020 as a ‘Hot New Release’ on Amazon to acclaimed reviews of the stereotype smashing novel.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – September 17, 2020 – The Annie Gibbins biography, Becoming Annie, The Biography of a Curious Woman, was released to the public on August 1, 2020, as a #1 Hot New Release on Amazon. And describing the book as a hot new release is an understatement. Upon release, the book has been receiving rave review after rave review.

“I am halfway through your book and I’m already blown away!” gushes one reader. “I love your book soooo much and I am even more inspired to keep moving forward in the best and most positive way and make a difference where I can. Thank you for writing your story. I feel your pain and I feel your happiness and peace. I have so much in common with you!”

While another writes to Gibbins that she has “just finished your incredible and inspirational book. I will pass your book on as I think it will inspire us all to live a more authentic, happy, and full life.”

In Becoming Annie, The Biography of a Curious Woman, Bates and Gibbins reveal how curiosity can bring out the best in you, and release you from a life of comparison, and deliver freedom. The book draws out Gibbins’ emphasis on curiosity and ambition. “Writing my book and being seen like this has upleveled me,” says Gibbins.

Gibbins has been championing others her entire adult life, giving back and consistently outperforming herself – with what some would agree are ridiculous goals and ideas. Her rise to the top of corporate Australia through transforming the healthcare industry and becoming a global name in the world of female empowerment hasn’t been an easy one, nor has the personal life of the woman behind the smile and the laughter. Her story, Becoming Annie, The Biography of a Curious Woman, was released to the public on August 1, a short 4 months after meeting her publisher, Dawn Bates.

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“This is the kind of book I publish – real people telling their real stories, showing others what’s possible. I take stories that are traditionally viewed as too hot to handle, and I help unleash your passion. Annie is the ideal client we write and publish for,” says Bates.

Dawn’s expertise lies in making you rethink your life, whilst harnessing the deepest freedom of all: your own truth. She’s an authority on leading others to create exceptional results by igniting the passions and fire deep within and shifting them from fear, feelings of imposter and self-doubt to living life where they are free to speak and live powerfully.

As well as being an international bestselling author, author coach and strategist, and ghost writer, Bates is an online entrepreneur, specializing in developing step change strategies and global visions, underpinned with powerful leadership and profound truths.

About Dawn Bates

Dawn Bates is an international bestselling author, keynote speaker, ghostwriter, author strategist, coach, and sailor. She has twenty plus years of entrepreneurial experience, coaching individuals and teams, working in the UK, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East. With clients spanning 5 continents, Dawn has created ‘an author’s life’ that is completely location free that has expanded her brand and leads others to live life to the fullest. Dawn specialises in developing brand expansion, step change strategies and global vision. When she’s not sailing on wild adventures around the world or writing a book in seven days, she’s leading others to create exceptional results by igniting the passion deep within.

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