Introducing jobs4mzansi, South Africa’s indigenous freelancing start-up platform, created by Siviwe Mgolodela

South African visionary, Siviwe Mgolodela has launched a start-up enterprise, jobs4mzansi, a freelancing platform that connects people with specific skill sets to clients who need those skills.

Following the COVID-19 outbreak, recent events and indices point to the fact that remote working is not only possible but that it could easily be the future of work-life. With his freelancing platform, Siviwe wants to make sure South Africans are not left behind as the world progresses.

Online transactions thrive on transparency. Trust, honesty, transparency, and accountability are the building blocks of a positive reputation. Siviwe Mgolodela created jobs4mzansi on these noble virtues. It’s a place where Service providers can showcase their skills and determine their fixed prices and delivery times, so that prospective clients know exactly what they are signing up for when ordering a particular service. A solid accountability was also set in place on jobs4mzansi to eliminate client to service provider disputes with impeccable equity and fairness.

The website also has a built-in instant messaging system, which adds fluidity to communication between users. With this, expectations are clear, and both parties can proceed to do business together.

Jobs4mzansi has the edge over other freelancing platforms due to its untapped potentials. “The beauty of our platform is that it is still very young and has only a few hundred registered users at this point. This increases the probability of a freelancer landing a job offer on our platform,” said Siviwe.

“Furthermore, the bulk of the freelance talent on the world’s biggest platforms like fiverr and Upwork, comes from India, which leaves South Africans at a disadvantage because we simply cannot outcompete these freelancers on the basis of price given that we have completely different standards of living. Another great benefit of jobs4mzansi is that we only hire South Africans. We do this so that South Africans do not have to sell themselves short by underpricing their services in an effort to compete with the cheap labour sourced from India,” he added.

Jobs4mzansi’s main targets on the supply side of the marketplace are the unemployed South Africans; the working professionals who want to supplement their salary; the students who want to earn pocket money to sustain their campus lifestyle; and the entrepreneurs who want to sell a service offering to a highly targeted audience. On the demand side of the marketplace, jobs4mzansi is targeting the aspiring entrepreneurs who have a business idea but do not have the necessary skill to perform a particular task; the brand that would like to save money by outsourcing a digital service; and the busy working professional who would like to outsource the help of a virtual assistant.

Big things start small. The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Siviwe Mgolodela and jobs4mzansi though still new, have already set up the right tools and taken the necessary steps to success. It’s only a matter of time before the enterprise will become Africa’s biggest indigenous freelancing platform, and indeed the world at large.

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