“Scope 2 emissions are the biggest part of … our direct footprint with the electricity we purchase,” said Freeze. “This is kind of one of the best places to start.” Walmart now powers roughly 29% of its direct operations with renewables. 

Gigaton PPA will be integrated into the Project Gigaton online supplier platform, where suppliers can run scenarios and test strategies for emissions reduction as well as tracking their progress. And Schneider will “facilitate a multi-phase education and project selection process to advance supplier progress towards the execution of aggregated renewable energy purchases,” bringing more than 300 corporate renewable energy purchasers and providers to the project.

In Freeze’s words, Gigaton PPA is “designed to make it easy and lead suppliers along the path. It’s up to them to join. It’s up to them to sign any sort of renewable deal, but what can we do to just make it easier.”