ScanX unveils remote and COVID-friendly solution for the construction & mining industry

ScanX Cloud is an online point cloud processor with robust autonomous classification and analytics, designed for the 3D data-driven future.

Tokyo, Japan & Brisbane, Australia – 21 September, 2020 – A new point cloud processing platform launched today could help the construction and mining industry adapt to the new remote-work standard that has been co-opted by most during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So far, the traditional workstyle of the heavy industries has seen them struggling, while under increased pressure to adapt. Now, ScanX Cloud presents a viable solution that can help the industry make the shift and expand the range of utilization for 3D point cloud data.

ScanX Cloud is a digital twin platform that quickly processes or analyses data taken from laser-scanners (Terrain Laser Scanner, Mobile LiDAR, UAV LiDAR), to help people using high-speed, optimized survey processing software.

This new platform can free up employees from office work and enable them to work from home using the cloud-based platform, with multiple projects running simultaneously from a single account.

ScanX Cloud uses advanced classification algorithms and cloud-computing power to significantly reduce time-consuming work like filtering useful information out of massive point cloud data, transforming massive data into actionable business insights.

Founders Satoshi and Hong, who have analysed 3D point cloud data from all over the world, said that existing 3D point cloud data software required a high-spec PC and is expensive and difficult to use. They saw a need for affordable, cloud-based, and simple UI software and started developing ScanX Cloud.

“The platform’s primary purpose is to extract what customers truly need by various advanced classification algorithms and analytics. Its industry-level analytics contain road extraction, hydrology analytics, canopy segmentation, with many more patent-pending analytics coming this year,” explained Hong Tran, CTO at ScanX.

Some of the benefits users will enjoy from using ScanX Cloud include:

  • Automation of daily work by eliminating repetitive manual processing, enabling more time for critical high-value activities
  • Providing patent-pending, cutting-edge analytics such as “Design vs. As-Built,” “Road Analytics,” “Hydrology,” and “Canopy Segmentation”, which gives business users the power to make better and quicker decisions
  • Increasing turnaround time of data processing to move from scan to impact in any business. The new sharing features will empower contractors and contractees to streamline their work processes without advanced technical experience: Cloud is a game changer for managing and automating collaborative work
  • Seamless compatibility with any other industry standard scanning software. ScanX Data can be used seamlessly on other software and vice versa: upload point cloud data to ScanX platform and our cloud computing will efficiently compress and optimize data for use. Available for general formats (PTX, PLY, E57, BIN, TXT, XYZ, LAS, LAZ);
  • Improving worker’s ability to complete tasks anywhere anytime. Key enhancements include in the fly mesh generation, drag and drop CAD designs, and the ability to share this without installing any software.

ScanX users can choose one of three subscription plans: Free, Business, and Enterprise plans. A 30-day free trial is available and monthly plans starts at $299 (US) per month to suit a variety of user needs.

Interested users can register for the free trial at

For further information or PR enquiries, please contact:

Mikiko Andersen
Marketing Manager, ScanX
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More About ScanX:

ScanX was founded in 2019 by Satoshi Miyatani from Japan and Hong Tran from Australia to position spatial data forward for customers to make the best possible decisions. After closing its seed round in December 2019 from DNX Ventures and other angel investors, ScanX has been developing cloud-based online point cloud processor for LiDAR and laser scanners. The team at ScanX fuses expertise in data analytics, robotics, machine learning and automation in combination of over 15 years of experience in analyzing 3D spatial data across the world. This varied experience has allowed them to develop a solution suited for multiple industries such as construction, forestry, and damage insurance.

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More about Satoshi Miyatani

Satoshi is an experienced sales engineer and entrepreneur at multinational startups including Silicon Valley and Israel. He graduated from the University of Tokyo and ISAE-SUPAERO in France with double Master’s in aerospace engineering. He won the President Award from University of Tokyo and was selected as the top graduate in France.

More about Hong Tran 

Hong is an automation spatial data engineer with 10 years of experience in mining, data analytics and drone automation. Hong sets the floor plan for automatic data processing in Australia, Israel and the US. He holds a Bs from Curtin University, where he is a fellow of the Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI).

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