Why people like taking selfies in front of the bathroom mirror

Many people like to take selfies in front of the bathroom mirror. Compared to other places in the home, bathroom selfies may be second only to makeup table selfies. Today, we will analyze and analyze why people like to take selfies in this place from the perspective of taking pictures. What is the magic? By the way, let me tell you a good way to light up your selfie.


First of all, photography is an art of using light. Light has a great impact on human faces. Students who have not been exposed to photography and lighting skills may not understand it, but everyone still takes selfies in the bathroom. This subjective judgment also includes Reason.

First of all, let’s understand a lighting technique: luminous bathroom mirror.

Luminous bathroom mirror. Surrounding luminous bathroom mirror is a kind of internal luminous bathroom mirror, which represents that there are four luminous areas and light strips around the inside of the mirror. Except for the rectangular bathroom mirror with four light-emitting areas around it can be called the surrounding light-emitting bathroom mirror, the round bathroom mirror with a round light-emitting area can also be called the surrounding light-emitting bathroom mirror.

I turned on the light above the mirror in the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. If you can’t figure it out, you can go to the bathroom and feel the light now. Does it feel that your face is small? Same mirror, same light source, same selfie


Generally speaking, white tiles are used for the decoration of the bathroom, which forms a very bright and easy to reflect light space. If there is no light or reflection around, the effect of just a lamp on the bathroom mirror is definitely not good, there will be a terrible feeling, after all, only the face is bright. The reflection of the surrounding light creates a soft light effect, which is equivalent to placing light or reflectors around.

The surrounding reflections will diminish the shadows on the face, and will not be particularly noticeable. Simply put, it will not make your cheekbones look particularly exaggerated. At the same time, it will also allow the face to retain a certain layering, not like those whitening Like the overdone photo, only one nose appears to be prominent on the face.


Beauty-loving girls like to look in the mirror and pay attention to themselves all the time. Although it is said on the Internet that oneself in the mirror will be automatically beautified by the brain, but there is no actual test data to show whether it is beautified by 20% or 30. But it is true that when you look in the mirror, you will automatically beautify yourself because of your mood or motivation at the time. Psychologists analyze that this is a kind of psychological suggestion, or it is a brain supplement of self-appreciation.
How to light

The most important thing for selfies is to be beautiful and good-looking, but in fact, girls still only pay attention to one point, that is, the face should be small. Then through the understanding of bathroom lighting, we can put a lamp in front of the head. As a fill light. Please pay attention to avoid the desk light line is too strong, the shadow will be very harsh after shining on the face, the kind of dim night light or the desk lamp with transparent lampshade is recommended. Also note that the light is diagonally forward, not directly overhead. Unless it is for the effect of the picture below, the surrounding light should not be too dark.

Of course, some people will say that it is so complicated and troublesome. Then I also recommend a light-emitting bathroom mirror for everyone that is not troublesome, but I think many people have already bought it, right? The fill light of the ring light can create a particularly good atmosphere, and the lighting is even.

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