How Entrepreneur Vianney Merian Became A Key Figure In E-commerce

How Entrepreneur Vianney Merian Became A Key Figure In E-commerce

Entrepreneurship is a field that comes with many risks and challenges. There is no doubt that succeeding as an entrepreneur is difficult, but reaching your goals before you turn 25 is a remarkable feat.

Vianney Merian is a young entrepreneur and only 22 years old. He built his career by entering the then little-exploited field of e-commerce.

He began his entrepreneurial career at the age of 18 when he started a company that developed partnerships between brands and influencers on Instagram.

Then one day, Vianney Merian decided that he too could become a brand. Vianney Merian decided to go into e-commerce. Very early on, he sensed the enormous potential of this field, which was experiencing strong and rapid growth in terms of results. Indeed, Vianney Merian had already understood that buyers were increasingly consuming online and no longer directly in physical stores. He launched his own brand of wireless headphones with his partner and they both chose to develop it exclusively online. A dazzling success that will later lead him to become co-founder of Ohmycase, a brand of customized ear shells for smartphones.

And it was during the coronavirus crisis that we all know, that Vianney Merian was able to confirm that the choice of e-commerce was undoubtedly the best choice of his life. Indeed, fearing a drop in sales, like all entrepreneurs around the world, it is finally the opposite effect that occurs. Sales explode. E-commerce was seen as a reassuring alternative during the lockdown. Vianney Merian knows, e-commerce is the new mode of consumption that needs to be capitalized on, especially thanks to future progress and innovations.

Today, Vianney Merian, with his experience, travels to companies and business schools to share his journey and his valuable advice for those wishing to start an online business, the new mode of consumption is successful.

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