There Are Reasons to Visit a Semi Truck Repair Shop

There Are Reasons to Visit a Semi Truck Repair Shop

Recent statistics state there are roughly 1.2 million trucking companies currently operating in the U.S. While most of those trucks receive all needed maintenance, there are still many trucks that need maintenance or repairs. However, not all service providers provide a broad range of service and repair options truckers need. That’s where companies like Ferguson Truck Center come into play. 

Preventative Services Save Money

Breakdowns are inconvenient and expensive. Drivers are idle, trucks are not rolling, and customers are unhappy when their freight is delayed. In many instances, a little preventative maintenance prevents breakdowns and helps trucking companies keep customers happy. During routine maintenance, skilled technicians at commonly uncover developing issues before those problems cause service disruptions. That means the problems can be dealt with during a scheduled service visit rather than requiring emergency repairs later. 

Fleet Services Provide Care at Reasonable Costs

While it’s financially feasible for some trucking companies to maintain their repair facilities, smaller companies can rarely afford the facilities and manpower needed to keep their trucks on the road. Houston trucking companies have options that provide all required maintenance and repairs. Since most trucks operate on irregular schedules, it’s not uncommon to need repairs during the evening and overnight hours. Full-service truck centers are available 24/7 to make sure a company’s fleet repair and service needs can be met quickly and conveniently. That helps truck owners to keep their equipment operating and stay in compliance with FMCSA requirements. 

Staying up to date with maintenance and repairs is always less expensive than breaking down. When repairs and maintenance are deferred, breakdowns become more common. Towing and renting replacement trucks add significantly to the costs of repairs. At the same time, a single delay can easily cost trucking company owners a client. No one can afford to lose business due to breakdowns. 

Proper Maintenance is a Safety Issue

According to industry data, trucking accidents cost $20 billion per year. Truck owners and drivers are required to keep all equipment safe to minimize the odds of an accident. Trip inspections are required, with all major components being checked daily. Those inspections include the:

  • Cab and engine areas. Many issues are visible and should be discovered during normal trip inspections. Any defects should immediately be reported so they can be dealt with. Safety issues must be repaired before the truck is used.

  • Brakes. The brake systems on trucks are rather complicated, but couplings, lines, and other visible components can be checked quickly and easily. Again, safety issues must be reported and repaired immediately.

  • Tire condition. Drivers are responsible for monitoring the condition of all tires throughout the day. Most drivers know it’s far easier to handle tire problems at the shop or a truck stop than it is to deal with them while on the road.

  • Steering systems. Most steering problems are instantly noticed, as the truck’s handling will change when a problem develops. Again, a steering system problem can easily cause a serious accident. That means any steering system problem must be handled by a skilled technician before the truck is used.

  • Trailer coupling devices. The truck and trailer connection must be secure. The lock must be fully seated before moving the truck. Fifth wheel sliders must also be locked in place to prevent issues.

  • Lights. All lights must be operating properly before a driver moves the truck. That applies to headlights, clearance lamps, brake lights, and turn signals.

Remember, the trucking company and driver are responsible for ensuring a truck is roadworthy before it leaves the yard. 

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