Alcohol Rehab Center Issues Alcohol Recovery Guidelines

The alcohol addiction treatment facility has issued a set of guidelines to help families and friends understand when someone needs to seek help for alcohol recovery.

With alcohol being a legal drug and common part of socializing Health Wellness Addiction Treatment Center for Men has said it is very hard to get people who are addicted to it to recognize they have a problem and need to undergo an alcohol recovery program.

A spokesperson from the Inspire Health Wellness Addiction Treatment Center for Men said that most people know their limits when it comes to drinking. They know what they should and shouldn’t do under the influence of alcohol. But people who are addicted to alcohol do not have any filters and that is where alcohol goes from being a social pleasure to a problem that might need alcohol rehab.

“An alcohol addict is not always determined by the amount of alcohol they consume, it is the behaviour that goes with the drinking that is the giveaway. But because many people socialize together with alcohol, it is easy to miss when someone has a problem.

“We are making a special checklist more widely available for people to identify when a loved one needs help.”

The Inspire Health Wellness Addiction Treatment Center for Men checklist is:

  • Are people failing to turn up for work more regularly or distancing themselves from pre-arranged social gatherings with family or friends?
  • Are they suffering financially, and could this be as a result of their drinking?
  • Do you get the impression they are hiding their drinking?
  • Are they drinking at inappropriate times of the days, like early in the morning?
  • Are they drinking even thought they know they will be driving or operating dangerous machinery?
  • Are they anxious or irritable?
  • Do they continue to drink even though they are aware that it is causing problems at home or at work?
  • Do they have personal problems and they could be using alcohol to deal with them? 

If alcohol addiction is not addressed then it can ruin people’s lives – socially, physically, and financially.

Alcohol can cause the death of brain cells, which can cause problems with memory and cognitive function. It can damage the liver and cause inflammation of the pancreas. Many people who are addicted to alcohol can become erratic or violent.

The Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Center for Men helps men to identify they have an alcohol problem, safely detox off alcohol and to help them address any underlying causes that trigger their addiction.

The spokesman added: “Many people need a colleague or loved one to point them in the right direction. Once they have done that, then we can help with the rest.”

About Inspire Change Wellness Center for Men

The Inspire Change Wellness Addiction Center for Men is based in Vancouver. The center has a team of highly qualified physicians, nurses and support staff to help men with their recovery from drugs and alcohol in a safe and controlled environment.

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