“Grow Up Your Ego: Ten Scientifically Validated Stages to Emotional and Spiritual Maturity” New Book by Jeannette M. Gagan – A Book That Shows the Better Way

Grow Up Your Ego: Ten Scientifically Validated Stages to Emotional and Spiritual Maturity by Jeannette M. Gagan is a veritable tour de force that exists at the intersection between psychology and spirituality. But more than that, at it’s very heart it’s a self-help guide that allows anyone to produce a better version of themselves by opening their eyes to the tools they hold in their hands. To learn more about this unique work, we sat down with the author to hear more.

“What I really want to get across to people is that this life they have right now, doesn’t have to be the end of their progress. Just because you are experiencing something that you don’t want to have to put up with, doesn’t mean that you’re therefore stuck with it for the rest of your life. Life is a fluid, constantly changing journey that allows you to go off in a whole host of different directions.”

Interesting, but what does this mean for the reader in solid, practical terms?

“It means that you have the freedom to be anyone you want to be, simply by opening your eyes to the tools you have in your possession. My goal here is to show you that if you want to move forwards in life, the key thing to do will be looking deep within yourself so that you never miss something important. We’re psychological and spiritual beings at the same time, and this balance needs to be addressed if you’re going to see the results that will make your life everything you ever dreamed it could be. This is so important in an age where we’ve become fixated on viral sensations and instant success stories – real life is so rarely like that because it comes from deep within. Once you come to accept that and then begin to move past it, you can really start to go places in life, and with the way in which you see yourself.”

It’s a powerful message when you hear it spoken about like that, so what happens next and where can the reader expect this work to take them?

“As with anything in life, you get out what you put in. This means that the more time, energy and effort you’re willing to invest in the process, the more you’ll get back out of it at the end. And in fact, the key here is to recognize that there is no end, only a beginning. If you’re someone who’s prepared to constantly strive to evolve in the way you approach life, you’ll really be onto something.”

To learn more about the work and see where it takes you, visit Amazon.com today.

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