Manuel Muzzu Overcomes The Odds To Deliver Wonderful Jazz Worldwide

Manuel Muzzu Overcomes The Odds To Deliver Wonderful Jazz Worldwide
Three Jazz Albums Available Now

If life were easy, it wouldn’t be worth living, right? Those battles we fight day to day, be them personal or not, are what push us forward, and someone who knows that better than most is Italy’s own Manuel Muzzu. With a disability that may have left some unable to chase their musical dreams, Muzzu decided settling was not an option. Today, he has three albums to his name, including ‘3-ree.’

Manuel Muzzu began his life shortly after The Beatles impressed the world with ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ in the summer of 1967. Perhaps being born that close to a classic album is the reason he found music so young. By 12-years-old he fell in love with the bass guitar despite a disability to his right hand from an incident six years prior. In an effort to put his disability behind him, Muzzu worked around the clock to make playing the instrument he loved so. 

With that, Manuel Muzzu developed a unique way of playing that led him to where he is today. And that is a revered jazz musician, composer, and session player with well over 25 years under his belt and three albums to show for it; ‘The Right Hand’s Miracle,’ ‘ New Stories Old Hands,’ and ‘3-ree.’ Those who enjoy the style of jazz with a big dose of passion are welcomed to take part in his musical journey now. All three are available on his official site. 

“I worked hard on my technique to play like a normal person because the passion is stronger than destiny.” – Manuel Muzzu 

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