How Feng Shui application in workspace at home and office can help to stay financially stable in personal and business success during Singapore recession.

How Feng Shui application in workspace at home and office can help to stay financially stable in personal and business success during Singapore recession.

Fengshui can help to transform life and business and make it smooth sailing. Good business opportunities and deals will come to you on their own accord, like what many of my clients have experienced after engaging my services.

Lion city is facing recession after its economy contracted 41.2% in the second quarter from the previous three months, affected by external demand and COVID-19 lockdown. (

However, a group of businesses seem to continue to grow despite the country’s situation sliding into its worst recession.

While many companies have had to activate work-from-home arrangements by changing their back-end processes, and most rely on a few obvious markers of economic health — the yield curve, job creation and GDP — it can pay to look a level deeper into signs from different perspectives.

These business leaders believe that they are experiencing opportunities and deals come to them on their own accord, like help is coming to their life and business makes it smooth sailing for their businesses in this uncertain time. What they do that leads them to these helping hands coming from every direction is by practicing the ancient art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is adjusting your environment energy to working hand in hand with your energies together, creating a harmonious atmosphere which allows more good things to happen. Feng Shui brings energies around you to be more positive toward the direction where you want to go.

We ask the famous Feng Shui master in Singapore, Capt. Tan Hup Cheng. In his 17 years of practice, his clients have benefited tremendously and transformed their lives and businesses greatly. His clients see the difference in their health, wealth, and in relationships. Many of his client’s businesses soared and some even got million over dollar contracts just after their office’s Feng Shui was done.

By the current effect of restrictions, many people are forced to work from home for months.What Feng Shui tips that you recommend to them?

The most important areas in the home for 2020 are the northwest area, which is the wealth star, and the west area, for those looking for new opportunities.

Start to use the north-west sector of the home to make your main workplace and execute your goal plans. Even if it may be challenging at first, it’s important to make a consistent effort to get things off the ground.

By focusing on working in the north-east sector in 2020, you have higher chances of getting more luck to speed up the process. Use this sector of the home for planning, thinking and writing your business plan to make the transition.

What about the office workspace placement and arrangement based on the latest Feng Shui analysis?

The ideal situation is to have your main entrance directly lead into a spacious – or at the very least, decluttered – living room area.

There are two choices for the direction of your office table. One is the north-facing which helps you to become mature and independent and develops your potential but it makes you nervous and brings you ordinary performance. The other is the southeast-facing which helps you to improve your leadership, capability, responsibility, confidence and credibility but it makes you self-willed and overtired.

Avoid sitting in your office facing north this year since your back will be exposed to this negative influence and you will be offending the Grand Duke at the same time.

In the uncertainty of the economic situation under recession in Singapore, what advice can you give in business and career this year to the next year?

A major concern for Singapore could be economic stability. This is because of an abundance of wood elements along the top row of the that combine with the “yang” metal element of the year.

Metal (related to gold) is the second dominant element, so the explosion will not occur in 2020. If you look at it conservatively, I think growth will be sluggish, but it will still be there.

Also important to be noticed, reserve your cash, reduce debt and build your social network for future employment opportunities. Be courageous to take the right move and embrace the challenges in the right way to give one more option to solve their problems.

2021 is coming in only a few more months, what will be the updates?

Start with your space first, listen to it, and experiment with applying feng shui, do not take it as the ultimate and absolute knowledge. Feng shui is not a religion, nor is it a superstitious set of beliefs, in its best application feng shui is a powerful tool to improve the energy in any space.

2021 Feng Shui updates are used mainly with the classical feng shui, meaning you can look into applying them in your office this year if the way you defined your space is by using the classical feng shui style.

Capt. Cheng is more than welcome to help you with his Feng Shui knowledge; it can help your business and life. You can always contact him on his website details below to learn more and let you have the same benefit from Feng Shui’s positive energy.

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