Michelle Ryan, MA releases her new book “Helping Children Grieve through Sacred Actions and Images”

Best Selling Author, Michelle Ryan, MA, helps adults understand how children grieve in her new book titled “Helping Children Grieve through Sacred Actions and Images”

Michelle Ryan is a mother, grandmother, and retired school teacher who has used her writing skills to inspire people across the globe. In a similar vein, the bestselling author recently published her new book where she intends to help adults understand how children grieve and the best ways to support them on their emotional journey.

People handle grief differently, depending on their personality. While there are several resources available to teach people how to cope with the emotional rollercoaster that comes with grieving, children seem to have been sidelined as most of such resources focus on adults. Consequently, tons of adults do not know how to help their younger loved ones when they grieve, which is where Michelle Ryan, MA is looking to make a difference with her new book.

Helping Children Grieve through Sacred Actions and Images” is particularly unique as the author personifies the situation, artfully sharing stories of resiliency on how to create boundaries, like the grieving tent that she designed on her farm to give grief a space in her life. The book is authored to serve as a guide for people that want to join the helping team, offering the different healing stages with captivating stories that illustrate how resiliency can be built through practicing during the hardest parts.

Michelle’s wealth of knowledge and experience as a teacher and mother can be felt in the book, as she creates an accessible path to facilitate multi-generational support in the family system.

The author and the team at As You Wish Publishing have decided to make the book available for free on Kindle on October 6th to allow as many people as possible to learn the amazing tips shared by Michelle Ryan.

“Helping Children Grieve through Sacred Actions and Images” is currently available on Amazon for interested people across the globe.

About Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan is a mother, grandmother, retired school teacher with her Master of Arts degree from CU Boulder in MultiCultural and Social Diversity Education specializing in Special Education and English as a Second Language. Michelle has thirty years of experience volunteering on the boards of three humanitarian organizations as well as traveling with several nonprofits to Central Asia supporting people-to-people connections and self-esteem work.

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