IT Managers and Companies in China Now Have Optimal Internet Access to Local and Global Resources

IT Managers and Companies in China Now Have Optimal Internet Access to Local and Global Resources
IT managers and companies operating out of China understand the frustration associated with accessing local and global internet resources. With this problem being a unique one affecting the Chinese market, many companies and IT managers look for any form of a solution that offers a guarantee of unbridled access to global and local resources. Many will offer an arm and a leg for the solution that is now being offered by CDS Global Cloud through the Global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service.

Dallas, TX – People are constantly experiencing poor performance with network traffic from China when accessing overseas applications such as Office365, Salesforce and other global resources that are hosted outside of mainland China. For people looking for an internet service for their China site, CDS Global Cloud offers a solution addressing the internet performance issue with its Global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service.

Solving the internet access problem faced by businesses and IT managers who are in the Chinese market has been a major goal for many. Surely, the limited access has been well appreciated by many users but they have left many unsatisfied, especially as there are millions of other resources that could make their lives, work, and businesses run a lot smoother.

In a study carried out by the team at CDS Global Cloud, users accessing online resources like Microsoft 365 are bound to experience a packet loss as high as 20.97% over a 10 day period. The high packet loss translates to poor performance for most of the cloud-based software which ultimately results in errors like delayed emails, failed logins, and excessively long loading times.

All of these problems have been the major pain points reported by IT managers in the area while making use of the regular DIA solution available to them.

However, with the Global DIA solution offered by CDS Global Cloud, IT personnel and companies will be able to access a sophisticated network architecture and proprietary mechanics that addresses these issues that cause a significant drop in performance and productivity.

Announcing the new service launched by the company, the CDS Global Cloud spokesperson noted: “Global DIA is designed to provide optimal internet services to enhance the productivity for the international companies. Peered with all major China-based carriers and global ISP networks, Global DIA offers blended services between local and international traffic. This service enables fast and secured access to resources worldwide.”

In the face of the latest solution that has been specifically designed for the Chinese market, companies are saved from the hassles associated with the purchase of MPLS or IEPL lines for their facilities in China.

CDS Global Cloud is located at 12655 North Central Expy STE 905, Dallas, TX 75243 United States and can be reached by phone at 888-826-3476. For more information, send an email to [email protected] or visit their website.

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