Delrade Revolutionises Weight Lifting With the Release of a new Athlete-Designed Ergonomic Multi-Functional Bar

Delrade Revolutionises Weight Lifting With the Release of a new Athlete-Designed Ergonomic Multi-Functional Bar
Many people have found traditional straight weight lifting bars are not ideally designed for some integral exercises and lifts. The new Delrade Bar was designed to solve not only this problem but also reduce injuries and improve personal performance.

September 30th, 2020 – When it comes to weight training it’s hard to think of a tool more important than the bar. Unfortunately, some people find the straight bar an imperfect tool for overhead squatting that can lead to wrist or back injury. 

Inspired from its founder’s personal experience performing overhead squats and finding the bars available to cause wrist joint pain, Delrade is a new UK-based company stepping up to address this problem in a creative, effective, and exciting way. In eye-opening news, Delrade recently announced the launch of its new Delrade Bar. The Delrade Bar has been specifically developed to be ideal for a very valuable functional fitness exercise, the overhead squat, while also being a superb choice for a long list of other exercises, lifts, and movements.

“In 2011, whilst training, doing overhead squatting at my friend’s Crossfit Gym, I realised there was a problem with wrist strain and thought there had to be a better way,” commented Kamil Choleva, founder and owner of Delrade. “After getting home that day I took on the challenge to figure out a way to improve the bar and after a few days of designing came up with an idea I thought could work. I found a welder in Slovakia who produced the first batch of my bars but could not keep up with demand. I then took a break for six years as I focused on opening and running my own CrossFit box. Now, I’ve redesigned the Delrade Bar and hooked up with Watson Gym, a specialist UK manufacturer to ensure that each bar is made to the highest quality. We are happy to make this fantastic training tool available again today!”

In addition to the overhead squat, some highlights of the other exercises that the Delrade Bar is being used for include (but not limited to): 

  • Bent-Over Row
  • Shoulder/Military Press 
  • Bench Press 
  • Bench Triceps Press
  • Lying Pull-over 
  • Back/Front Squat
  • Any type of Deadlift
  • Back/Front Lunges
  • Clean and Jerk 

…and many other lifts and movements. 

In fact, according to the experts at Delrade, a trainee doesn’t need any other bar to effectively strength train the whole body. The Delrade Bar does it all and does it better.

Some of its main benefits are the ergonomic design which prevents wrist strain caused by the unnatural position when lifting a regular straight bar. The Delrade Bar is designed to be multi-functional, beyond the overhead squat, the Delrade Bar covers a number of regular exercises with ease, which means trainees don’t have to swap bars for other exercises. The bar was designed by an athlete for athletes; and is built by specialist UK manufacturers, Watson Gym, and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Kamil Choleva, the founder of the company, is a life-long athlete. He is also a successful gym owner and author, along with being an in-demand personal trainer and coach. He has won awards, competed at the highest levels in track and field, free-style wrestling, Crossfit, and Strongman competitions, giving him first-hand experience of what works best for athletes and what can be done to help keep the pain and injury-free.

Feedback for the Delrade Bar continues to be positive across the board.

Chris S., from Manchester, recently said in a five-star review, “I am enthusiastic about CrossFit as well as training for events like the Spartan Race. While overhead squatting I ended up developing wrist pain which seemed to be due to the position of my wrists when using a normal, straight weightlifting bar. I knew I needed something else if I wanted to stay pain-free. A friend suggested I explore the Delrade Bar, so I ordered one for my home gym. It’s totally amazing. My numbers are going up again, without increased pain. I am surprised more people don’t know about this training tool. I hope that changes soon! Highly recommended.”

Video examples of the Delrade Bar in action can be seen at the information-packed company website or by following the below links. 

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