Matthew S. Santana, founder of Infinite Power Project has announced the launch of his new book titled ‘Rebirth of a Woman: Discover Unspoken Secrets’

Renowned life coach and author, Matthew Santana has collaborated with 17 Women and 2 Men that broke their silence to share their trials and tribulations they have faced in life in his new book!

Nashville, TN, USA – Matthew S. Santana Jr. is a celebrated best-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and life coach. Since an early age, he has been passionate about instilling hope in people’s lives and helping them break generational curses. ‘Rebirth of a Woman: Discover Unspoken Secrets’ is written to motivate the readers to not only own their lives but to discover their true identity, purpose, and self-worth.

‘Rebirth of a Woman’ emphasizes on the importance of Women Empowerment and comprises real-life narrations of women and men who have defied all odds to love and care for themselves. While talking about this book, the author said: “The stories told in the book, Rebirth of a Woman, are intense, heart-wrenching testimonies of healing and empowerment. The women sharing their stories have broken the chains of abuse and set themselves free by facing their obstacles head-on. They have used their past to propel themselves into their future through affirmation, forgiveness, and just moving on. By choosing to not let the past disrupt their future and enduring the pain of change, they have found the strength to motivate others to change for a brighter future. The book has brought awareness to how our past has truly impacted our lives but also how we can use our story by turning obstacles into opportunities namely: facing the hurt of the past, healing the heart, turning the journey of life to create purpose, and executing your goals.”

Matthew S. Santana Jr. has been a courageous fighter since his birth. By being born severely premature at 1 pound and 3 ounces, Matthew amazed his family by going against all odds and staying fine and healthy. His survival was nothing less than God’s grace and a miracle for his family. For him, however, his survival was an indication of his purpose on Earth: being helpful and hopeful and to bring awareness where it is required. Since he can remember, he has always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. His life’s work has been dedicated to help women be set free from abusive relationships and to provide hope to victims of domestic violence.

‘Rebirth of a Woman: Discover Unspoken Secrets’ can be read in order or as a buffet. The author has compiled this book in such a manner that reading order does not affect the inspiration and wisdom that the readers can extract from this book. The people who have contributed their stories and efforts in order to make the publication of this book a success include “B. Lori Savage” Nichols, Deborah Cooper, Roni Williams, Linda Edwards, Eugenia Yvette, Alyson Ellis, Chanelle Lawson, Noel Winters, Jamirah Fuller, Evelyn Collins, Jennifer Williams. Sylvia Parron, Sharika Ware, Raequila Starks, Julia Girard, Shanika Elam, Lep’Kicha Evans-Adams, and Ramon Jones. These authors have brought together tales of suffering and redemption from their lives to instill hope in the lives of readers who might be suffering from the same fate.

“Rebirth of a Woman: Discover Unspoken Secrets” is a must-read book for people who are struggling to find a ray of hope and encouragement to step up and own their lives. Matthew S. Santana Jr. has been engaged in organizing programs and authoring books that are supposed to counsel and support abuse victims. Using the leverage of his platform Infinite Power Project, he is able to support and empower all survivors through education and advocacy. He builds men back up and helps them with mental issues by sharing with them tips to create healthier emotional habits.

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Infinite Power Project knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. We realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently. We recognize the challenges of living with trauma. We provide an opportunity for those coping with sexual assault and domestic violence and other traumas to share their stories, find understanding, and support, and increase awareness. This group will include discussion, informative sessions, and access to helpful resources. Support group meetings are intended for those personally affected by domestic violence and sexual assault so that they might find hope and be encouraged in the realization and affirmation that they are not alone in their struggle.

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