BOOX Releases 10.3″ Note Air with Front Light and Android 10

BOOX Releases 10.3’’ Note Air with Front Light and Android 10

If you’re looking for a thin A5-size E Ink tablet that is more fully-fledged in functionality, the good news is BOOX launches the 10.3″ Note Air with front light and Android 10 this fall.

You can now pre-order the second batch of Note Air at $479.99 at the BOOX Shop. The first batch of Note Air will be shipped before October 10 and the second batch before October 20. Other BOOX online shops will also offer the new Note Air, while they will be launched at Amazon later due to logistics delay.

Note Air: The Thinnest 10.3’’ E Ink Tablet with Front Light

The BOOX Note Air is totally different from any BOOX products. As a revolutionary version, It features a 5.8mm thickness, a 420g weight, and a 10.3 inch E Ink Carta HD display with a resolution of 1872×1404 with 227 DPI. It is the thinnest 10.3’’ Android E Ink tablet with the front light.

Unlike other E Ink tablets in white or black color, Note Air unconventionally uses orange and navy blue to bring out the chic sense. Also, its ergonomic design with a broader bezel shifts the gravity to the palm. It gives users an effortless grip on the device. 

The manufacturing technique also differentiates Note Air with similar products. The screen with several layers, including an anti-glass (AG) layer, is pressed into the one-piece aluminum case to make a solid structure. This helps Note Air, such a slim tablet, to evenly dissipate the pressure and endure the force of grabbing and writing.

Underneath the hood is the upgraded heterogeneous octa-core processor, the same one that the BOOX Max Lumi employs. It even packs a quality built-in speaker, a mic, two side-by-side batteries accounting for 3000mAh, and a USB Type-C port into the 5.8mm-thick body.

Moreover, it has a relatively large storage of 3GB of LPDDR4X RAM, 32GB of eMMC internal storage. Note Air also supports BT5.0, WiFi 2.4G+5G, OTG, and both analog and digital audio.

What makes Note Air more unique is its G-sensor and the new specialized stylus, BOOX Pen. It is the first time that a gravity sensor is built into an E Ink product. Thanks to it, the screen can rotate automatically, making Note Air a handy device for all users. The new BOOX Pen has the Shinonome GII refill and features a much smaller nib and 4096-level pressure sensitivity. With the grooves on the body increasing friction, users can hold it firmly. To match the aluminum case of Note Air, BOOX Pen is magnetic. It can be snapped to the side.

Android 10 and V3.0 Firmware

The chosen operating system of Note Air is Android 10, the highest Android version on an E Ink product. Android 10 makes these two E Ink tablets more secure, smoother, and more compatible with third-party applications.

Note Air also run the up-to-date BOOX V3.0 Firmware. Besides installing third-party apps, users can split the screen to run two apps simultaneously, which is a leap forward for the E Ink tablet. A new built-in application, Onyx Subscription, is added. It allows the pushed web article to remain the original format rather than creates ePub files.

BOOX E Ink tablets provide the most powerful tools to help users read and annotate ebooks and files. The new firmware makes the built-in NeoReader integrate the third-party dictionary apps, so users can choose to look up words in other apps. A box will then pop up above the NeoReader to offer definitions without forcing users to leave the current task.

V3.0 Firmware also largely optimizes note-taking and drawing experiences.

Layers and new pens, the pencil and the marker, are introduced into the built-in Notes app. Users can create up to five layers on each page. The pencil brush is pressure sensitive and perfectly mimics the real pencil style.

The new firmware streamlines the way of organizing notes. Users can open the other notepad without exiting the current note. They can also move a specific page forward and backward quickly, copy and paste it to a different notepad without leaving the current one.

The BOOX Note Air employ powerful hardware and run the open Android 10 OS and V3.0 Firmware. It provides many functions that are first seen on an E Ink tablet and help users become more productive with multitasking features.

BOOX Note Air usually retails at $479.99. On September 21–28, you can get the early bird price at the BOOX Shop to save $20 on each of the tablets. They may soon be sold out once they hit the store shelves, so act fast while stocks last.

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