How can a Financial Advisor Melbourne help

How can a Financial Advisor Melbourne help

Partners in planning
A partners in planning will help you if you are looking for professional Financial Help but you don’t know where and when you need financial advisor help, first need to identify what is you want to accomplish.

Financial Advisor Melbourne can help in:

  • Planning for retirement
  • Insuring for death disability, trauma and loss of Income
  • Saving Plans for Children’s education
  • Superannuation consolidation & Simplification
  • Centrelink
  • Self Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

People Who Get Financial Advice Vs People Who Don’t

Are you considering seeing a Financial Advisor Melbourne?

A recent study from BlackRock showed that 89% of people who use a financial adviser believe that the professional and certified financial advisor was extremely valuable. A financial adviser Melbourne can provide you with professional, personalised advice that you may need to make financial decisions for you and your family. Financial advice melbourne can cover cash flow budgeting, tax planning, investments, estate planning, superannuation, life and risk insurance.

What some people may not also realise is that Financial Advisor Melbourne can also assist with financial goal setting, protecting your money and building your portfolio.

The Benefits of Financial Advice

Those who receive financial advice

Those who don’t


  • Clear picture of financial goals and how to achieve them


  • Well-constructed portfolios to build wealth


  • Ensured you have the correct insurances if necessary and made sure you are insured for the correct amounts


  • Estate planning in order


  • Have the correct risk tolerances and portfolios for their superannuation


  • Good cash flow and budgeting management


  • Peace of mind and clarity about financial future


  • Higher chances of having the ability to spend money on vacations, new cars, first or second home etc


  • Planned for retirement and have the choice to live life on own terms



  • Cloudy, unclear vision with no plan for financial goals


  • Poorly constructed, or no portfolio to build wealth


  • May not have insurance, incorrect insurance or may be insured for wrong amounts


  • Potentially no estate planning or may not have been updated in a long period of time


  • Superannuation portfolio may be too risky or  conservative for individual preferences


  • Poor cash flow and budgeting management


  • Constantly worrying about financial future


  • May not be able to spend money on life’s luxuries due to poor financial management


Adding Value with Financial Advisor Melbourne

A mistake people make when saving money is leaving their money in the bank. Although this may be an option depending on your goals, in most cases it is a poor financial management strategy. The graph below demonstrates the difference between putting $150,000 into the bank earning 1% interest, compared to investing the same money in a fairly conservative portfolio constructed by your adviser earning 6%.


*Photo is just for demonstration purposes only*

The outcomes after 30 years show how important it is to have a financial professional who can advise you on your investments. In the bank, you grow your $150,000 savings into $200,000. However, from the portfolio your savings will amount to $800,000. It should also be noted that an assumption of growing at 6% per year would likely mean this money is kept in a lower risk, fairly conservative portfolio. If you have the right adviser, the value they can add could be quite significant.

Not only do people who see financial advisers have a greater chance of having their savings in the right places, they also possess many other benefits. Too often individuals and families will not get the best deals in regards to insurance and won’t insure themselves correctly. If you have a good financial adviser, they will research the best insurance for your current situation and ensure you are covered for the correct amounts. People who do not seek professional advice are more likely to not understand how much cover they need and which insurer is best for them.

Insurance and investments are only the tip of the iceberg as to the benefits of having a financial adviser. The relationships created can last many years. The clarity, vision and peace of mind that results from seeing a financial professional are invaluable to many. The products themselves are not the focal point of advice. The focal point is pursuing a plan where you and your family are able to achieve your goals while living the lifestyle you want.  Advice can be sought in a ‘one off’ situation where the client will receive a plan and advice, or it can be an ongoing situation with periodic reviews, monitoring and continued implementation. Come speak to us at Partners in Planning if you believe you and your family will benefit from receiving professional financial advice.

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