Her Name Is Sofia Necchi And She Speaks Fluent Racing

Can you remember the first time someone asked you about who you want to become when you grow up? Has your answer remained the same after years, or have you changed your mind about a million times? The truth is, nobody can know for sure what career path will be “good” for them in the future; so much can change throughout the journey and influence the final decision. However, that first choice you make is motivated by a genuine passion and a young inner spirit. Should we wait so many years before life begins to place so many boundaries on who we want or can be?

Sofia Necchi, a 13-year old Italian living in Dubai, couldn’t wait long after being inspired by her father, Paulo Necchi, who dedicated his life to the racing industry. He recently found the Kart Advisor Academy in Dubai, where karting enthusiasts can get expert training and where Sofia gets her weekly practices. Imagine that only at the age of 5, Sofia already began practicing in different tracks driving the mini kart gifted to her by her parents. At eight, she started her racing activity by joining the Championskart By Parolin, where she achieved a podium at Adria in the Rookie category. By then, it was already clear that Sofia had a real talent backed by her aspirations and by the best support system she could ever ask for– her trainer and her father, Paulo.

On September 26, 2020, Sofia competed at the Rotax Max Challenge, where she finished P2 in the Final race, making her the only girl standing on the podium. Not only did she take a huge step forward towards her exciting racing journey, but she opened another page in the history of racing by breaking all the gender stereotypes of what young females can achieve with their hard work and dedication. Sofia may not realize it now, but her hard work is pushing forward the new reality where the youth steps to inspire their peers and challenge the old notions of career growth. One day, Sofia can become a professional racing driver, and then she will go on conquering her other peaks. But one thing I can tell you for sure, the name Sofia Necchi very soon will be heard loud and clear.

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