Gender-Neutral & Elegant Fragrance, Benigna Parfums, Offers Transformative Fragrance Experience

Say hello to Benigna Parfums, an elegant and nostalgic fragrance line designed to take everyone on a fragrance journey.

The story of Benigna Parfums starts with the founder, Benigna, as a young and curious child who chased her dream of success in the U.S. away from her home. She was always fascinated by beautiful flowery covers on magazines, and sought to bring them to life. She wanted to share these beautiful flowers with the entire world and she would somehow capture the scents of the flowers she’d grown to love.

As she grew older she found herself more and more drawn to the sky, and it was then she decided she would chase her dream of becoming a pilot. With this determination and her resourcefulness, Benigna became the first in her family to attend college. She pursued her dream and worked tirelessly to reach her goal of becoming a pilot.

Throughout her life, Benigna reminded herself and continued to encounter those beautiful flowers that served as a reminder to keep chasing her dream and to keep pushing herself to succeed no matter what it took. Making her daily hour commute to be able to use the internet and educate herself to success through college and flight school, Benigna eventually graduated and successfully completed her goal.

Now as a successful aerospace engineer and pilot, Benigna sought to share the inspiration that came from her life long experience with the flowers that she gave her, and so she partnered with renowned Perfumer, Cécile Zarokian, in order to bring this vision of these fragrances to life. From this partnership emerged Benigna’s Parfums, an homage to the flowers that helped Benigna succeed in her life and stands as an ode to self empowerment and as a means of influencing the perception of others.

Benigna’s line of fragrances act as a gender-neutral series of aromas based around different parts of her life and are meant to help motivate and empower individuals to believe in themselves and push through hardships in order to truly succeed. For more information on Benigna’s Parfums and their fragrances visit their website.

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