Modern Day Renaissance Man Humberto de Cima Paving the Way for Millennials in Business

Modern Day Renaissance Man Humberto de Cima Paving the Way for Millennials in Business
De Cima is not only the CEO and co-founder of a consulting agency but he is also a scientist, singer, songwriter, chef, influencer, just to mention a few.

OCTOBER 2, 2020 – In the next few years, it’s projected that millennials will make up most of the global workforce, and with millennials known for their dynamic views and fresh perspectives, it’s a no-brainer that many up and coming young adults will find themselves forging a path in business. Humberto Sánchez de Cima Carrillo aims to be a role model for any millennial going down this path, as he’s set an exemplary track record already as a young entrepreneur.

Today, Humberto de Cima is the CEO and co-founding partner at RHC Global, a consulting company that is focused on innovation via preparing companies for the future. Also co-founder of Industrias Exponenciales, Esparcima Group, Optimus Fly, holding with this; factories, Nightclubs and a private airline giving service in all México.

As if this were not enough, in mid-September he released an album as a composer under the nickname of Betish, after a love break, his songs get over 100,000 reproductions in less than 10 days worldwide on platforms such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Sanchez de Cima was born in Mexico City, and at a young age, he found himself concerned with the many social problems plaguing his community, country, and world. He put his character and critical thinking to use in his youth. He earned his bachelor’s degree in nanotechnology and molecular engineering at the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (University of the Americas in Puebla). While there, he did a thesis under candidate to Nobel Prize Tessy Lopez. With a master degree in Regenerative Medicine and Biomaterials by The University of Sheffield and a MBA by EGADE he is part of the EP of Singularity University at NASA.

RHC Global, Exponential Industries, Optimus Fly, Esparcima Group are just a few of De Cima’s crowning jewels. He’s the youngest person in Latin America to have been named a Knight of Magisterial Grace by Order of Malta, and de Cima was the youngest businessman to appear on the cover of Podium Magazine.

A recent article by Podium Magazine highlighted many of De Cima’s impressive accomplishments, demonstrating de Cima’s innate entrepreneurial prowess and the exceptional solutions being offered by his team. When De Cima isn’t working on a new project, he takes time to enjoy the balance of life by engaging in various hobbies. Among his hobbies are traveling, extreme sports including scuba diving, enjoying time with friends, and going to concerts and movies.

Betish is paving a path that he hopes other millennials can look to for inspiration and encouragement. Through diversification and remaining hopeful about the future, Humberto has already created a legacy that continues to grow. He encourages other young entrepreneurs to make time for time with friends and family, as well as for hobbies.

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