Rocketly Launches App for On-Demand Products and Services

Rocketly Launches App for On-Demand Products and Services
This company provides different on-demand services in one online marketplace, empowering the on-demand world in Adelaide, South Australia

The on-demand services industry has brought convenience and numerous benefits to busy professionals and remote workers today, especially with the ongoing pandemic. As the demand for food deliveries as well as home construction and renovation, beauty services, and more increases, the need for a convenient, centralised marketplace that connects consumers to tradies continues to rise.

Rocketly is a South Australia based company coming up with Rocketly User App to revolutionize the on-demand industry completely. The new user app introduces a fresh concept in the services marketplace in the form of barcode scanning, which takes users directly to the profile and offerings of the products or services provider of their choice.

When using the app, users will be asked to specify the work that needs to be done. Then, products and services providers get alerts based on the users’ demands or needs, prompting them to send quotes for the product or service they’ll be giving. Users will then be able to compare quotes from different tradies, allowing them to pick the best one that matches their preferences.

Rocketly drives the supply of products and services providers via an efficient, intuitive digital mesh layered on top of existing infrastructure networks and businesses.

Rocketly’s app seeks to empower the on-demand industry in Adelaide, South Australia, as the field is gaining a lot of interest among app services users in the area.

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About Rocketly

Rocketly offers a centralised marketplace for all the on-demand products and services such as Home Services, Cleaners, Plumbers, Movers and Packers, D.I.Y and renovation services, food deliveries, beauty services, and more. It seeks to revolutionize the on-demand industry completely, with its new user app concept in the services marketplace. Rocketly brings liveliness and potential to local Businesses and Self-Employed Australians by providing access to the South Australian local services providers and businesses marketplace online.

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