Innovative Platform Slockie Connects Freelancers and Clients

Innovative Platform Slockie Connects Freelancers and Clients
Clients can find freelancers in various categories at new website

The freelance industry has continued to grow over recent years, shattering records as time goes on. Today, there are approximately 57 million freelancers in America alone, and freelancing is perhaps most popular in Europe, where just over 35% of the world’s total freelancer population can be found. With an overwhelming majority of freelancers looking for work opportunities online, and more and more entrepreneurs and individuals looking for remote workers online, Slockie has launched a platform that seamlessly caters to both freelancers and clients alike.

When visitors arrive at the Slockie website, they are greeted by a streamlined home page that lets users simply search for a job and enter a location to narrow down their search. Anyone looking for a freelancer can go to the Slockie website to search for freelancers in categories such as health and well being, lifestyle, programming and media, and economy and law. Whether an entrepreneur or individual is seeking out a tax consultant, lawyer, notary, photographer, programmer, blogger, DJ, therapist, fitness coach, yoga instructor, they can find a vast array of professionals at the Slockie website.

“It’s time to revolutionize the freelance industry,” said a CEO for Slockie.

Founded in Italy in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the team at Slockie has seen the freelance industry explode and shift faster than ever. “Our goal is to connect hard to find service providers with customers,” said a Slockie team member.

Freelancers can enjoy a wealth of benefits when they sign up for Slockie, including potential global reach (clients can search for freelancers around the world); boosting their brand; a built-in messaging system; and the potential to gain long-term clients.

On the client end, there are many benefits to using Slockie. Clients can go to Slockie to quickly find a professional for their job, and they don’t have to pay anything to take advantage of the comprehensive platform.

Getting started is simple for both freelancers and clients; it all begins when users go through a quick registration process. For freelancers, posting a new listing can be done easily from the home page.

In a time when various industries have been impacted, companies and individuals alike have been forced to adapt quickly, and many of the adaptations that have been seen are likely to become part of the “new normal”. While online freelancer platforms have existed for a while, Slockie is taking an unprecedented situation and creating a platform for everyone.

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