Astrophotography for All, No Telescope Required. The Perfect Quarantine Hobby

Byron Miller is running a crowdfunding campaign for Creative Commons Astrophotography. Byron is excited to use this campaign to open the cosmos to people who would not ordinarily have access to the data, and to gain access to darker skies. In astrophotography, dark skies are extremely important for capturing quality data. Truly dark skies can only be found in very remote areas. Most people do not have access to these dark skies but partnering with Byron Miller will allow everyone access to them through data collected in our remote-controlled observatory.

The Creative Commons license allows members a lot of freedom. Those who choose to partner with him will get access to the data and be able to use it openly. Members can process the data and post on their blog or social media, use the data for research, print on shirts, or hang on the wall. As long as they credit sources for the work, he wants people to be able to use and redistribute the data at their will. By allowing access to this data, Miller hopes to broaden the education and information about astrophotography, astronomy and citizen scientists to all.

Members receive resources and information to learn how to process the data. Members receive data and are equipped with the software to process the data themselves. There are many perks in joining the Creative Commons Astrophotography Campaign. All members who contribute gain access to the ad-free website, early access to content, processing guides, how-to guides, and insider access such as videos of the data capturing process and processing steps.

There are a variety of membership levels to choose from. The first level is the Thank You level for $5. These members will receive a personalized thank you email and a special additional surprise.

The Open Images level is $25. This includes full access to high-resolution, processed images of the cosmos. Members at this level will also get access to exclusive content.

The Student level is $50. This level is for students and kids who want to dive deeper in their study of the cosmos. This level comes with raw integrations, processed images, and access to educational and instructional content.

The Hobbyist level is $99. This is for those who are looking to get into the astrophotography industry, but don’t want to invest in all of the expensive equipment. Members at this level get first access to all of the website content, including individual subs, calibration frames, calibrated stacks, and other processed images on high speed cloud storage.

The How It’s Made level is $499. This includes a comprehensive guide to astrophotography, including a one on one astrophotography class. This class is targeted to the individual needs and goals of the member. If you want to get from A to Z in a comprehensive one on one class, this one is for you!

Members at any level have access to our online guides, step by step processing walk-throughs and private members area with no advertising. Members can also choose a custom target, where they work to plan and implement data collection for a specific target of choice. The Creative Commons Astrophotography campaign allows the cosmos to be open to everyone for education and enjoyment. Please consider joining our crowdfunding campaign and open the cosmos to the world.

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