Sphene Gemstone Certified By Star Lanka Exhibits Excellent Dispersion And Mesmerizing Lighter Tones Of Green, Yellow, And Orange

Sphene Gemstone Certified By Star Lanka Exhibits Excellent Dispersion And Mesmerizing Lighter Tones Of Green, Yellow, And Orange
Sphene Gemstone, with many legends attesting to its mystique and powers, is a beautiful stone with excellent dispersive powers that accentuate its soothing yellow, green, and orange hues. It’s a great addition to any gemstone collector’s collection.

According to announcements released by Star Lanka, the sphene gemstone available in its inventory is a beautiful stone worthy of its place in any collection of precious and semi-precious stones. Sphene or titanite exhibits trichorism; i.e., it displays three different colors when viewed from three different angles. 

Sphene has a Mohs hardness rating in the range of 5 – 5.5. It is softer than other gemstones, but little care can be used in jewelry with stunning effect. It has a justified reputation of being more brilliant than even diamonds, because of its brilliant dispersion properties and a high refractive index. This gemstone’s dispersion or fire is further enhanced by expert cutting. Chrome sphene is the most expensive type because of its rarity and deep green color reminiscent of crystal-clear emeralds. Chrome sphene is found in Baja, California. Sphene mined in Brazil displays yellow hues. Clean, larger stones are worth more. 

Sphene contains titanium, and over recent years has caught the eye of jewelers and collectors. Since it is not a particularly rare gemstone, it is affordable and is rapidly finding favor with all in the gemstone market. Sphene gets its colors from iron and rare-earth elements that imbue it with colors such as yellow, green, orange, red, blue, black, and brown in different shades. Sphene can also be colorless. 

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Star Lanka said, “Greeks named this mineral sphene because of its peculiar wedge-shaped crystals. Sphene is mined in Sri Lanka, Russia, Madagascar, Russia, Namibia, Brazil, and Australia.

Its unusual beauty attracts chiefly because of the brilliance and size of its fiery glow. The crystals assume brilliant diamond shapes and display stable properties accentuated by the range of colors that the mineral is available in. The crystal arrangement allows for fine cuts, which improves the luster and reflective properties of the gemstone. Sphene can be transparent, translucent, or opaque.

On the myths associated with the captivating gemstone, Star Lanka said, “For many hundreds of years, mythical stories and folktales have been passed down on the effects that sphene exerts on the wearer.  Many people believe that the vibrations emanating from the titanite crystal aid mental clarity, encourage self-organization skills, and assist in interpreting psychic phenomenon. It is supposed to quell negative thoughts and drive away negative energies. It imbues the wearer with positivity and large heartedness. 

Sphene is favored by those who wish to progress spiritually. It is said to help the wearers tune in with their higher selves. The mystical effects of sphene can be accentuated by combining it with other stones such as rainbow moonstone, lapis lazuli, sodalite, and sugilite. It is advisable not to wear sphene to bed. This is a brittle gemstone that needs a bit of careful handling. It should be kept away from sharp objects, direct sunlight, and harsh chemicals.”

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