Mindnap Launches Unique Pocket Meditation Device That Boosts Mood In 3 Minutes

Mindnap Launches Unique Pocket Meditation Device That Boosts Mood In 3 Minutes

Instant stress relief and management will now be possible for everyone including busy people as Mindnap launches its portable meditation assistant on Kickstarter with an aim to promote meditation on the go. The pocket device programmed to regulate breathing has been confirmed to boost moods in just 3 minutes and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Stress and anxiety are urgent problems facing Americans today with one in five facing depression. In most cases, fast lifestyles, and work burnout are major causes due to a lack of stress relief. With no time to find those much-desired moments of relaxation, people thus need an alternate and practical solution. Mindnap claims it has the perfect answer.

Mindnap’s pocket meditation assistant is all set to change how Americans meditate. The unique device does not rely on complicated gadgetry. All a user needs to do is put both of your thumbs on the device and then breathe in sync with gentle vibrations. Biosensors within the device monitor meditation and physical status. The entire calming process uplifts mood and relieves stress helping a user embark on a journey of mental wellness in only 3 to 5 minutes. The gadget works on Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS, and Android. Its main USP is portability and speed in which it can help users calm down in stressful circumstances

The Mindnap meditation device comes with an integrated ECG sensor that is accessible on smartphones. It enables users to visually evaluate their meditation performance and gain a better understanding of their mental status in real-time. Users in need for a deeper meditation experience are encouraged to take advantage of Mindnap’s training sessions overseen by professional meditation gurus. This provides users with the dual experience of knowledge and preset vibration moods on the meditation device.

Mindnap seeks to alert the public about the importance of meditation and wellness for physical and mental health. The team at Mindnap seeks to help beginners cultivate a habit of meditation and eliminate the common perception that meditating is a complex process. The portable meditation assistant will prove invaluable for those dealing with stress and needing anxiety relief in moments crucial to their quality of life.

Mindnap’s Kickstarter launch is scheduled for 7th October 2020 and is offering a 40% discount for early bird email subscribers on its website.

For more information: www.bymindnap.com

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