Sora Music Group Hosts The Biggest Online EDM Festival In The Philippines

Leading Asia dance music company, Sora Music Group, to host “Alpas Music Festival,” the biggest online music festival for electronic dance music in 2020

Sora Music Group is set to make history as the company puts together what has been described as “the biggest online music festival for electronic dance music held in the Philippines in 2020.” Tagged the “Alpas Music Festival,” the event is organized to bring together some of the biggest names in the industry in Asia as the company continues to promote EDM, especially in the Philippines.

Electronic dance music, otherwise known as EDM, remains a major part of the music industry. According to a recent report, EDM club nights generated over $965 million in 2018, with YouTube EDM track releases getting more than 3.3 billion views in the same year. Another report revealed that 39 of the top 100 albums sold were EDM in 2018. These statistics show just how important EDM is in the music industry. The popularity of electronic dance music in Asia has continued to grow and a name that looks poised to champion this movement is Jenil Aspiras, the festival organizer of Alpas Music Festival and founder of SoraHYPERLINK “” Music Group.

Sora Music Group is organizing the Alpas Virtual Music Festival as the company looks to continue in their pursuit of promoting dance music all over the world from their office in the Philippines. The brand’s achievements have attracted the attention of major players in the industry. Over the years, the company has worked with notable figures in the electronic music game in Asia, including Jenil (PH), Cabuizee (US), HI3ND (TH), Foamberry (TH), Window (LA), and Huy DX (VN).

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About Sora Music Group

Sora Music Group was founded by Jenil Aspiras, an international DJ and music producer who has performed in Ultra Europe, Sunburn India, and Amsterdam Dance Event. He founded Sora Music Group in 2015, taking under his wing a small group of aspiring producers which became the country’s biggest names as of today namely, Matthiaos, Zelijah, Shortone, Borhuh, Chriilz, Louis Vint (San Mig Light DJ Champion), Mark Glenn (9k Records) & DJ Young (Warner Music).

The Sora Music Group has become a global brand outfitted with the esteemed ‘Alpas Music Festival’ events, in-office facilities ‘The Krew DJ Studio’, a weekly radio show ‘Sora Radio’, a music marketing agency ‘Aspire Music PR’, and a sub-label for bass music ‘Raijin Recordings’.

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