New book “America …Still Going” by David R. Bailly is released, an examination of the Current American political climate and guidance for maintaining traditional values as a nation

“America …Still Going” by David R. Bailly has been released worldwide. This 338-page work offers a broad, multifaceted look at the many problems facing the United States today, examines how attitudes and values have changed over time, and offers guidance on what proponents of traditional values can do to keep their vision of the country intact. 

America …Still Going (ISBN: 9781735698335) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover:

What has happened to America? The baby boomers were taught by the Greatest Generation about a country that no longer exists. The principles of equality, justice, and fairness seem to have been discarded by subsequent generations, leading toward a selfish and lawless society in which our young people now embrace philosophies and ideals that are a great distance from the paths created by our founding fathers and the modest adjustments made over the past 240-plus years. This story started with “America Going, Going…” and continues in “America …Still Going”. Can we or, indeed, should we return to some of our roots as a country, or are we destined to build a much different future than many of us ever imagined was possible? Some of my fellow Conservatives and I believe that America is in trouble but are still confident that with the correct actions we can prevent our “ship of state” from capsizing and sinking. And then along came a worldwide pandemic. Will we return to some of the important basics while learning from the mistakes of our past, or will we continue in a downward spiral toward decay and destruction? Decisions need to be made now, and together we can once again make this amazing country a beacon of liberty and hope to shine around a world in confusion and disarray. Where we go from here is the ultimate question that needs to be answered before it is too late.

About the author: 

David Bailly is an entrepreneur, and business and estate planning attorney from Fargo, North Dakota. His undergraduate college studies prior to law school were focused on accounting and political science, all in his beloved North Dakota. He has been a writer for his entire life, mainly in his career, with daily journaling, and for opinion editorials. He has been active in numerous local, regional, national, and international businesses and charitable causes/organizations. Bailly has traveled extensively throughout the US and the world. His life commitments have always been centered on faith, family, profession, and friends. He has held leadership roles in many groups with a spirit and drive to be proactive in those positions rather than reactive. Bailly has excelled in his passion for helping to build skills in others through mentoring and motivational coaching. With all of this, he has continually tried and mostly succeeded in keeping humor as a part of any equation and solution. “Life is already too serious to not have some fun as we journey along its pathways.” He dedicates this writing to his wife (of 41 years) and family, and always to his God. His first book, “AMERICA Going, Going…” (published in June, 2019) was written to recognize how his parents (part of the “Greatest Generation”) taught him how to live and love in the 1950s and 1960s.

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