Method Acting Now Offers Online Acting Classes

Method Acting Now Offers Online Acting Classes

Method Acting, one of England’s most premier method acting studios has announced online acting classes due to the pandemic. The coronavirus has forced everyone to improvise and Method Acting is no exception. This step would ensure that the acting classes can continue without hindrance and although acting as an art form has conventionally required face to face interaction, the trainers at Method Acting are positive that the virtual method of teaching will lead to hitherto unexplored facets of the art.

Initially, the trainers were skeptical about the efficacy of online classes since engaging students on a virtual platform without the added benefit of physical interaction could be a challenge since it is quite restrictive, especially for an art form like acting which is heavily dependent on the physical performance as a form of expression. However, they realised that while it can be a constrictive space, the unique circumstances allow them to focus on the psychological and emotional part of the creative process and use the camera lens as a mirror to further engage themselves in nuanced, subtle acting.

The new online course allows interested actors to learn and hone their craft under the varied and skillful tutelage of professionals while exploring the techniques and tools of Lee Strasberg. The four-week program incorporates various elements of method acting carefully curated to function in a virtual medium while retaining its essence. The virtual medium challenges the participants to come out of their comfort zones and challenge their habits in unusual ways which would not fall under conventional methods. The restrictive nature helps the actors in delving deep into their respective characters and analysing them to develop a physicality that can be channeled in the limited scope of the camera.

These classes also equip the layman actor with the technical knowledge necessary to operate the equipment and particularly the camera to their advantage. While the trainers believe that improvising and working with a fellow actor is essential, they wish to make these trying times as productive as possible.

The next batch of introductory online classes begins on 6th October.

About Method Acting

Method Acting is an acting college based in London. Known for its extensive selection of courses and training programs for enthusiasts, it combines the classic with the contemporary to give learning enthusiasts the right tools to expand their repertoire and exercise their acting muscles. The four-week method acting program not only introduces aspiring actors to method acting but also trains them to harness and channelize their creativity through acting. The teachers are well-known practitioners of their art forms and help students incorporate the teachings into their work, be it stage or screen. They have created a comprehensive process to expand an actor’s methodology and scope. The idea behind it was to give aspiring actors a nudge in the right direction through techniques and tools, thus enabling them to live up to their true creative potential.

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