Nine University’s Boost Nine Pro Makes Amazon Selling Easier Than Ever

Nine University's Boost Nine Pro Makes Amazon Selling Easier Than Ever
Nine University releases the most powerful Amazon FBA tool yet, Boost Nine Pro.

In October of 2020, over two years after launching its online business, locally-owned Nine University released a powerful new tool, Boost Nine Pro. Boost Nine Pro is a software program that independent sellers on Amazon can use to maximize their business with Amazon Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

Nine University

Kale Abrahamson and Taylor Hiott founded Nine University based on their own success as sellers with the Amazon FBA model. Nine University is an outlet to share their knowledge and techniques for success with others.  In the past two years, this consulting business has flourished and now boasts of hundreds of clients all over the world. Nine University teaches people how they can make money as independent sellers on Amazon through the Amazon FBA business model. 

With Amazon FBA, individuals essentially set up their own shops within Amazon. They source their own supplies, set their own prices, and list and advertise their products on Amazon. Independent sellers pay Amazon to store and ship their products. Taylor and Kale learned how to do this successfully through trial and error. Nine University allows them to teach their method to anyone with an internet connection.

Boost Nine Pro

Boost Nine Pro is software that rates products sold on Amazon based on Nine University’s trademarked and patented 7/7 score. This score provides at-a-glance information about how likely a category of products is to be profitable for Amazon FBA sellers. Boost Nine Pro simplifies and speeds up the process of determining which products independent sellers should invest in. This software is a novel concept that Taylor and Kale have trademarked and patented. Boost Nine Pro continually scans Amazon and scores products based on the number of positive reviews, demand, and competition.  

Based on these factors, Boost 9 Pro assigns a score to each item available on Amazon. Boost Nine Pro compiles unique lists of high-scoring products on a daily basis for users. The Nine University founders hope that Boost 9 Pro will be easy to use, provide critical data, and save time for its users. Instead of spending most of their time investigating which products they should sell, users can focus on the unique suggestions from Boost 9 Pro. That should give sellers more time to spend validating suppliers, profit margins, and return-on-investment for the products from their list.

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