Bringing energy to parties, Jerry Shaffer has mastered the art of bringing party attendees to the feet

Jerry Shaffer is the first Nigerian who has achieved such fame and success at an international level, making parties go wild all across the world. Jerry is not just a hype man, he is a hype-businessman, and a successful one at that. He also owns and runs Slippery Entertainment, a company that plans and runs events.

Lekki Lagos, Nigeria – Jerry Shaffer has become Nigeria’s first international hype-businessman, one who has gained enormous success over the course of his career. Being the Hennessey official Hype Man, Jerry Shaffer has set out to conquer the world of entertainment with his talent. He is also the founder of Slippery Lounge & Entertainment, a business that provides events planning, where Jerry performs his concerts. Jerry has performed at various places and events all over the world including The Lagos Party Birmingham, Afrovibes Dubai, Afrobeats in Dubai and many others. He was also awarded as the Hypeman of the Year in Nightlife Awards 2019.

Jerry Adibe, more popularly known as Jerry Shaffer, has made a solid name in the entertainment and party industry. He is known for bringing the parties to life, by empowering the party attendees with music and dance. He feeds the energy to the crowd, and with his magic, he makes people dance and sing along his beats. In this way, Jerry has become a symbol of energy, who radiates it to other people. This natural talent of Jerry led him to achieve multiple awards, he was featured in Town Magazine Awards for the best hype man of the year 2015-2017. He has performed at various locations like Dubai, London, Birmingham, Uganda and many other venues.

Jerry is a man of many talents. He co-founded a record label, manages talented artists, represents some of the most popular brands, hosts his own concerts and runs a company; This is just a glimpse of some of his many talents. A man of such skills inspires others and makes them get off their comfort zone to achieve what they want in their lives. Jerry shines positivity and transfers that energy to people around him.

Slippery Lounge & Entertainment is also managed and run by Jerry Shaffer. The company provides concert hosting, event planning and food catering service. The concert is hosted by none other than Jerry Shaffer, where he spreads his magic and energy to the audience and makes them dance. With his music, Jerry aims for the people to enjoy for a little while so that they can forget all the doom and gloom in their lives. He makes people dance so that they can feel happy about themselves and embrace the present moment. “Shedi Bala Bala”, that is the catchphrase of Jerry. If the audience at a concert listens to this phrase in the mic, that means that Jerry is telling people to “Get up and dance”. 

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