Receive a Fair Offer When Selling a Home in Omaha

Receive a Fair Offer When Selling a Home in Omaha

Looking to sell a home in Omaha, Nebraska? Working with a realtor isn’t always the best option. If they work with a reputable we buy houses company, Nebraska homeowners can get a fair offer with no associated fees or closing costs, and no need for making expensive repairs, staging the home, or dealing with a constant flow of potential buyers traipsing through the house. Instead, homeowners can fill out a simple form and trust the home buying company to take care of the rest.

How It Works

All homeowners need to do to get started is to submit some basic information about their properties online. If they meet the buying criteria set out by Dynamic Property Solutions, the company will get in touch to schedule a quick viewing. More often than not, homeowners can expect to receive a fair cash offer within just 24 hours.

If sellers choose to accept the offer, the buyer will work with a reputable title company to close the deal as quickly as possible. Some companies will also work with sellers to meet their unique scheduling needs, making it easier to plan for upcoming expenses like making down payments on new homes or getting ready to move. Those who want to get cash for unoccupied homes as fast as possible can close as soon as one week after accepting the offer.

Why Sell a Home for Cash?

More Omaha sellers than ever are embracing this non-traditional method for getting rid of properties they no longer want or need. Each of them has a different reason for avoiding the hassles and fees associated with real estate companies. Here are a few of the most common of them:

  • Imminent foreclosure

  • Unwanted rental properties

  • Frustrating tenants

  • Vacant properties

  • Inherited properties

  • Need to relocate quickly

  • Aversion to unnecessary realtor commissions and fees

  • Lack of equity

  • Fixer-uppers that aren’t getting fixed up

Benefits of Accepting a Cash Offer

While it’s true that cash buyers typically purchase houses below market value, many sellers find that the convenience and speed associated with cash sales make up for this minor loss. Homeowners don’t need to spend any money on fixing up their properties, nor do they need to pay realtor fees and commissions. Instead, they’ll get 100% of the money.

Factors That Affect Price

There are many factors that affect how much a cash buyer will be willing to pay. They include the property’s general condition, its location, and whether it needs substantial repairs or maintenance. Don’t be afraid to request an offer on a less-than-perfect property. Reputable house buying companies will still offer fair prices for properties that haven’t been lived in for a while and need repairs and those found in less desirable neighborhoods.

Request a No-Obligation Offer Today

Interested in finding out what that vacant house is worth? Visit to learn about one of Omaha’s best-respected house buying companies and request an offer. There’s no obligation for homeowners and the company will never harass or hassle potential sellers who change their minds. Fill out a contact form to request an offer today.

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