Now On Kickstarter, The Chronicle Keeper, Book I Of Wren Kingsley’s Debut Series, Earth’s Guardian

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, a new series where a young woman with a mysterious past must find the chronicle keeper and fulfill her destiny.

The Chronicle Keeper, the first book in the six-part Earth’s Guardian series, is the inaugural work of author Wren Kingsley. A passionate tale combining the best elements of adventure, fantasy, and romance, readers follow the story of Aislin, a young woman who wakes up to find herself in an asylum-like hospital room, wounded, with a mysterious note nearby. 

Attempting to escape, Aislin sets out on a wild adventure to uncover its mysterious author, Destiny. Throughout the book, Aislin finds herself deep in new adventures. She is rescued from monstrous creatures known as ghosthounds, forced to spend a night at The Old Tavern, and receives a surprise visit from a stranger who seems all too familiar, ultimately sending her in search of Aeneas, the chronicle keeper, to fulfill her destiny. A journey of twists, turns, and secrets that are begging to unravel at every moment, The Chronicle Keeper is expected to be a must-read in 2021.

For Wren Kingsley, The Chronicle Keeper is a story that has been unrelenting for some time, persisting in her mind for years before finally coming to life with the launch of this crowdfunding campaign. In vivid detail, The Chronicle Keeper packs an incredible storyline with huge plot twists and a slow blooming romantic subplot between characters Aislin and Nolan. The adventure-based Earth’s Guardian series combines elements of fantasy and romance for a page-turning story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

By becoming a backer for The Chronicle Keeper, help Wren Kingsley fund the story’s global release and her lifelong dream of becoming a published author. For a limited time, support The Chronicle Keeper on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be used to support The Chronicle Keeper, including printing and distribution costs, ahead of a March 2021 release. Starting today, pledge as little as $10 to receive an eBook copy of The Chronicle Keeper and a physical thank-you card. Other rewards, including signed paperback editions and pre-release sneak peeks, are also available, so act fast and visit the Kickstarter campaign page today for more information. 


Earth’s Guardian is a new novel series where a young woman with a mysterious past must find the chronicle keeper to fulfill her destiny. Written by Wren Kingsley, a mother and aspiring author from Alexandria, Minnesota, the first novel in the Earth’s Guardian series, The Chronicle Keeper, has released on Kickstarter to support its March 2021 release print and digital formats.

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